Dear Blog,

It’s not me, its you. I hope someday you can understand.

I do honestly like blogging. When I started blogging on this site nearly two years ago I was using it as a creative exercise in writing, where forcing myself to come up with something interesting each day served the dual purpose of honing my writing skills and providing me with a outlet for my thoughts, observations, and incredibly fantastic sense of humor. Here’s my problem; I lack willpower. I never intended for this blog to become a daily journal of who did what and how much sleep I haven’t gotten. I just read the last couple of posts, and I officially think my blog is blah now. It’s way harder to be creative with two children rather than one. Plus, I would rather make googly faces at Henry than blog anyway, so it’s kind of a tough decision some nights.


So, you know that lotion Aquaphor? It’s great for dry skin. Super greasy but it works really well. Violet just got a hold of it. First she was putting it on her face. Then she was putting it on her lips. Obviously the natural progression here is to put it on her tongue next. She did. Have I mentioned yet how easily she can make herself vomit? I don’t think the aquaphor vomit stain is going to come out of her pants too easily.

See? I can’t blog without interruptions now. In the beginning I used to be able to sit at the computer, listen to some music to get my creativity moving and just go. Now, I write with the symphony of shrieks, yells, and grunts in the background. It’s not like I don’t have reasons to keep blogging. Today I passed the 17k mark for blog hits, and I always have incredibly fascinating and humorous anecdotes to share, but the hard part is to find the time and mental space to put them down here.

I’m not going to stop blogging; I just needs to get my game back, ya’ll…and would it kill you to comment every once in a while? Yeah, you know who you are. Don’t think for a minute that I am going to start having contest giveaways to get people to comment on my blog. Fine. Okay…I’ll pick a random winner on Sunday morning from people who leave legitimate comments. You will win something interesting. That’s all I know at this point.