Have I mentioned on this blog that I’m a complete germaphobe? And, I don’t like bugs. Enter Stage Left–Bedbugs! No, we don’t have them. However, in the next few days we will be sleeping in a hotel and riding in one taxi, a shuttle, and two airplanes. You can bet I’m going to do everything possible to make sure we don’t bring bedbugs home to our newish memory foam mattress that we miss dearly. Apparently the little buggers can live up to 18 months! When we get home we’re all stripping down in the driveway and burning our belongings. Sorry neighbors. I kid…I kid…we’ll just get nekkid in the garage, place everything in the freezer and go upstairs to shower in bleach. No, true story–if you freeze your luggage it kills the bugs and eggs. This reminds me–I’m going to pack garbage bags and after we get off our last flight we’re going to head to a family restroom and check everyone for bedbugs, and put all our bags into the garbage bags just to make sure.

Anyway, today is AJ’s last day of work. The peeps and I are chillin’ at home till he gets off. And by “chillin” I mean that I will be attempting to avoid total anarchy and chaos while they find new things to get into.