To embrace our destiny

Here’s something¬† I have no clue about; God and my ability to worship him. Ability? I’m not even sure if that’s the right word. See what I mean about not having a clue? I’m only really sure about two things:

1. Right now, at this very moment, the throne room of God is filled with heavenly creatures. “Day and night they never stop saying: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.” (Rev. 4:8b). Not only am I allowed to contribute to this song, but my worship is not unlike a unique harmony that is welcomed and loved by God. English? It’s a party and I’m invited. I can’t help but notice something when I read this verse though; “day and night they never stop…”. At first I struggle comprehend a life that is spent entirely in the worship of God. Not mostly pretty much, but entirely. Then comes the humbling realization–so am I. This is what I have been created for as well.

2. Isaiah 45:23 says that every knee will bow and every tongue will declare the lordship of God. To do so is to worship because it is impossible to declare the lordship of God without worshiping him. (Hey, I didn’t say I understand it, but I do know it’s true). Therefore, to worship is to embrace our destiny.


Still cute

Some people say that newborn babies resemble tiny old men. Henry may have when he was newer, but right now he’s a lot closer to a middle-aged gent with a beer belly. I’m sure you see where I get the beer belly thing, and as far as the middle-aged thing goes…unfortunately my poor son is now balding–starting with the top of his head. My three-week old son has a receding hairline.


3 things

1. i just passed the 10k mark! meaning, today i just ran my first 10k. riiight. no, actually i just hit ten thousand blog hits. almost, but not quite as cool as running a 10k.

2. Earlier today my thirteen year old sister asked me this: “why is it that you always find the thing you’re looking for in the last place you look?” to which i replied, “probably because you wouldn’t keep looking for it after you’d found it.” At this, she threw her head back, laughed, slapped her knee and gave me a look of benevolent humor as she said “some people…” while shaking her head. Now I’m confused

3. this picture was meant to go with yesterdays post. how darn cute are they?


when life immitates art…

  • henry has a blond spot on his head
  • he ate no fewer than 20 times today
  • no kidding
  • violet peed her way through 6 outfits
  • Henry thinks Violet is the most interesting person in the house.
  • the cat was forgotten in the garage
  • my children are mutually enthralled by each other
  • my back hurts
  • i’m typing all this with one hand
  • stickers go a long way in making a little girl happy
  • i haven’t officially gone to bed in three weeks
  • its going to rain tomorrow
  • i think we might try making bread–if henry gives us permission
  • its actually kind of cute the way babies can carry a grudge
  • no really, its adorable. he does the whole protruding lip and quivering chin thing really well.
  • The greatest part is watching them smile at each other.

And thats my life–one big grab bag where half the time you dont know if you’re pulling out a golden ticket or a dirty diaper.



Today a friend of mine had a photo featured on the Pioneer Woman\’s website. She was looking for submissions for a photo contest with the category of military homecomings. You can view the pictures here. Noel’s picture is the eighth one down. Military service is so near and dear to my heart because I am fully appreciative of the sacrifice and service that are meted out on the behalf of myself, my family, and my country.

In scrolling through the pictures submitted to the contest, I was struck by the number of “homecoming” pictures represented by a gravestone or a casket. Understanding and honoring the sacrifice represented here is something I want to pass on to my children. America is just made up of people and while not all are great or good, learning to live in the service of others–without counting the cost, is what will give my children a chance to make America great.



Yes, I’m referring to the TV show here. Here’s the deal: I’ve never actually watched a single episode from start to finish. A while ago, AJ and I tried to see what the craze was all about so we started at the beginning (which is usually a great place to start) but the entire time while I was biting my nails and bouncing up and down on the bed, AJ was making fun of it. He has an uncanny knack for knowing what is just about to happen in movies which drives me crazy.

Needless to say, I now can’t think of that first episode without laughing at the things he said, and since then we have not seen a single episode. Go ahead–judge me if you wish. I also don’t watch 24–although for different reasons (I was so mad at the writers of the show at the end of the first season that I vowed to never open my heart to Jack Bauer again. Plus, it’s pretty hard to not watch an entire season in one sitting).

Anyway, apparently Lost very recently had its series finale (yay, now i can stop hearing about it all the time). Since I have a facebook account I get to watch all my friends systematically freak out when they finish the season finale episode, and it reminds me that I’m glad I never started. When I was on facebook the other day, one of my friends put it best when she said this on her status update:

LOST is like the ex-boyfriend I broke up with years ago, and now he’s wreaking havoc on everyone else’s hearts. I was right about that jerk.

of course people started commenting…

I think what you meant to say is that LOST is like the boyfriend you broke up with because he lacked clear direction and the glimpses of promise were few and far between. But then you ran into him again a couple years later and he’s mature and everything you’d hoped he’d turn into and you’re kicking yourself for letting that one go. I hear he hangs out at hulu if you’re interested in a second chance. I bet he’ll take you back.

He’ll take ME back? He’d be so lucky…
No, no. I’m convinced I did the right thing and that LOST is not capable of change. I fear I’d be setting myself up for a regrettable disappointment if we spent time together again.

I dislike lost as well. I also knew he was a jerk.
Makes me appreciate shows like The Office where nothing ever really happens.