Damn Spam

Seriously. Having a blog I get spam comments all the time. Once, I got a comment from a guy who had a mattress website that he was trying to push, but he legitimately read my post and posted an interesting comment, so I didn’t automatically delete him even though he was marked as spam. That’s a smart spammer for you.

Just now though, I got another spam comment. It read something like this, “Thank you for posting  as I have been thinking about this topic lately. I will definately come back.” At first I was like, “Hey, that’s nice of them” but then I realized that the comment was on a post for a tiramisu recipe.  Really? You’ve been thinking on the topic of tiramisu lately? Riiight. Way to make me feel appreciated.

So don’t tell anyone, but today we tore out the trees the homeowners association planted on our back patio and put up a fence instead. Do you think they’ll notice when everyone sees tree parts in the dumpster? Don’t worry, they were this kind of tree, except uglier (brownish in parts), so no great loss.



Guess what? Stamp prices are going up effective May 11th. Remember back in the day when stamp prices were so low, that having penny stamps actually meant something? Yeah…

So, embarrassing story. The last time (or maybe the time before that) that stamp prices were going up, I was pretty confused as to the status of the “forever” stamp. When the postal service announced a “forever” stamp, I thought it was the dumbest idea ever, because I heard somewhere that “forever” meant these particular stamps would issue at say $.37, and they would be good forever. I didn’t realize they would keep going up in price. A year or so later, I heard the announcement that stamp prices would be going up (which I thought was a rotten cheater’s move after they said that they were printing “forever” stamps, and now apparently changed their mind).  I raced to the grocery store on the day of the price change  to see if there might be any stamps left at the lower price.

“Hey, do you still happen to have any of those ‘Forever” stamps left?” I asked breathlessly.

“Uh…yeah?” The cashier responded with a quizzical look.

“I’ll take three booklets!” I said, relieved to still have a chance to save some money on stamps.

Of course you know that there was little chance for that cashier to run out of stamps because the “forever” stamp is the same stamp, it just goes up in price. I didn’t do the math till I was out of the store and when I mentioned to AJ that the cashier had ripped me off it kind of made his day.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

That’s right, it’s time for the Seattle Cheese Festival!!!!!!!

Ok, so I like cheese. And Pikes Place Market rife with market-goers laughing over wine-tastings, fish tossings, and cheese-tasting. My only caveat? Don’t wait to go the the bathroom at Pikes Place. The bathrooms are naaaaasty (at least in my experience).

Today AJ put up a fence using this. He’s amazing like that.


Funny Story

Ok, so here’s the deal.

Several times a week, we walk by a house with a beautiful golden retriever who always comes to the fence to see us as we walk by. If I was the thieving type, I’d steal this dog. Today when we walked by, he wasn’t there and when a couple blocks later, we saw him running loose we knew just where to take him. AJ called the number on his collar and he dragged us (he was super strong and not walk-trained) back down the street toward his house while Violet cried because she was being ignored by the dog and Mom. It wasn’t until we arrived at his house a couple blocks away and knocked at the door that the phone number on his collar called and informed us they were on their way to meet us and that we were at the wrong house.  His owner arrived to get him, and we began to retrace our steps as we resumed our walk home. It wasn’t until we saw the car pull into the drive way that we figured it out. We had rescued the run-away dog when he had been sniffing around the yard of the house across the street from his. Needless to say we ducked down a side street to avoid talking to them as they got out of their car.

In other news, Violet started clapping today! Yay! It’s so freaking cute. Other not so cute things: opening and closing the CD-ROM drive on the computer any chance she gets, hitting the computer power button enough times so that it shuts off right when I’m in the middle of something, and last but not least…bending the radio antenna until it broke off. Michael Medved, I shall miss you.


haha! wait…

When I was a little girl I remember a friend of my mom’s telling her that it would make her laugh to spank her children because the sight of madly flailing legs over her knee struck her as being funny. She didn’t spank often because of this. Now I understand.

This morning while we were getting ready for church, Violet was getting in to the bathroom cupboards (a favorite pastime). AJ put everything back,  closed the cupboard door, and the following exchange ensued.

“No, no Violet! come to Daddy.”


And with that, she opened the cupboard again in the petulant indignance only a baby can muster. We were so caught off guard that punishing her was the furthest thing from our minds.

“Oh my gosh!!!!! Did she just say that?!”

“That was so freaking adorable!!!”


No, no.

Today I was with a bunch of moms at this conference for an organization that rhymes with Nops. There’s something great about getting a bunch of mom’s together in one room where you start to see pretension and facades slip away. I think knowing that everyone else in that room has had thatday, helps create a sense of camaraderie and puts people at ease. Case in point: a friend and I were meeting people from different groups in an attempt to be social before the conference started. One lady in particular was just finishing up telling us where her group was from when she said this: “Well, I have to go potty, so I’ll catch you later.” Potty?C’mon lady! You’re an adult, surrounded by…adults!  Potty? Using baby-versions of words that you taught your children because they didn’t have the skills to form the real words yet is a huge “no, no”.


mental pictures

Here’s a couple snapshots into my day.

5:06 pm: setting Violet down on the floor with an entire muffin to devour just to distract her long enough to make potato salad. Turns out, I can’t make salad in 2 minutes.

5:09 pm: chopping celery for potato salad while Violet fully crawls into the back of the tupperware cupboard. This is only made possible by first throwing tupperware and dishtowels all over the kitchen.

5:12 pm: Singing made-up songs to Violet about what a nice, patient baby she is. Someday my propaganda will pay off.

5:17 pm: mixing the sour cream and mayo into my potato salad while holding Violet in the other hand.

5:18 pm: saying “No! No! No!” and blowing in Violet’s face to stop her from fully digging her hand into the jar of mayo as I attempt to spoon some onto the salad. All I want for Christmas is another arm.