up at 4

make breakfast

drive aj to work

james 1

sleeping past the alarm

zucchini stirfry

hot car


lunch with AJ


nap for her

laundry for me

over the river and though the woods

to Grandmother’s house we go

make zucchini bread

pick up AJ

shopping at marshalls

dinner with my family

(i didn’t want to cook)

drive home following the moon

playing on the bed with Violet





For the last time!

Again does not rhyme with rain, Spain, or plain.  I’m sorry, it just doesn’t.

At least not around here it doesn’t. I suppose there is the possibility that someone could be misled to the point where they think again and gain are supposed to rhyme and then someone had the cute idea of calling it an accent, but…no. I do like accents though..except for some canadian accents (in some parts of canada) where a word like mauve rhymes with drove instead of suave.

A few summers ago, AJ and I were walking through St. James park on London with our couchsurfing hosts who had just moved to London after growing up in Australia. We asked them what kind of things were different about the UK compared to Australia and they mentioned that there were these funny little rodents everywhere that they had never seen before. Funny little rodents? They told us that the rodents were apparently known as “Squills” and after a couple moments of confusion they saw one under a tree and pointed it out to us. “Ohhhh, Squirrels!” “Yeh, Squills…isn’t that wot oi sed?”


There’s one in every room

That’s right. You’ve just walked into an air-conditioned room; glistening with sweat and looking like you’ve just been run over by a steam iron. “It‘s Soo hot outside,” you say to no one in particular. “Really? I actually love this weather! I just wish I wasn’t stuck in an air-conditioned building and could get out in the sun!” You give the chipper receptionist a withering look. “You! Get. Out. Now! I don’t care if I’m your boss or not! You go outside and you stay outside until you’re sorry you ever wished for hot weather.”

I’m convinced that it’s the people that get to stay inside all day with air conditioning and were raised in California that secretly pray for hot weather all summer just to make the rest of us miserable.


Supreme or Pepperoni?

“But I thought you liked all the sausage and peppers and stuff?”

My dad shrugged nonchalantly as I scrutinized his face in search of some hidden clue that would tell me which piece of pizza he really wanted. ]

It was such a simple gesture, but I remember so clearly the way it impacted my hope to one day be as good a parent as he was. I was out running errands with my dad one weekend when I was in highschool, and we’d swung by Costco for lunch where he grabbed a piece of supreme and a piece of pepperoni pizza. I think he thought I would prefer the pepperoni,  but as soon as we were out to the car he asked me to pick which one I wanted, and I picked the supreme, but only after I was sure he actually prefered the pepperoni.

It wasn’t until the pizza was all eaten and we were almost home that it occurred to me that my dad had pulled a fast one on me. Of course he preferred supreme to pepperoni. Besides the obvious fact that the pepperoni used on pizzas may or may not actually be a meat product, no self-respecting Borthwick is going to take a pizza with thin rounds of meat for topping when you can choose from one that has thin rounds of meat, plus peppers, sausage, olives, and onions, etc.

I remember thinking to myself that someday I wanted to be just like that. It definately takes help from the Man upstairs to perfect the art of selflessness.

I didn’t really have anything else meaning full to say. I was sitting at a stoplight this afternoon when I remembered that story and the way I felt the day my father beat me at my own selfless game.


“world famous” goat trick

There’s a farm near our house the sells fruits and vegetables and they have a petting farm. They have a sign on the side of the road that advertises their “World Famous Goat Trick” so we decided to stop by today to show Violet the goats.

I took a very grainy and dark video with my cell phone so you could see, but since it’s so bad, i’ll describe what happens after you watch the video.

Anyway, there’s a pygmy goat that climbs the stairs to get to this balcony overhead where there is a rope pulley system with a tin can attached. You put .25 into a candy machine that spits out goat food and then you pour it into the can. As soon as you do, the goat starts biting on the rope to pull the can up where he can eat it. Violet was nonplussed, considering she had just been to the fair with her grandparents and there was a gaggle of chicks eating the goatfood leftovers at our feet.