Party Animals

Alrighty, I have no pictures for you. Let me just get that out of the way. I will tomorrow. Today was our first Sunday back, so it was great to see friends and family we haven’t caught up with. I will post pictures tomorrow, but I just want to sign off by giving you a mental picture. A skunk and a rodeo clown. My children.



Everyone has an opinion. Especially about parenting. Mine? Bribery is actually very effective and useful and I like it.

The other day we were walking through a store during a stop between plymouth and boston, and I really needed Violet to use the bathroom there instead of during an emergency exit from the freeway to find a bathroom.

“Violet, if you can go peepee in the potty, Mommy will give you some fishy crackers.”

“Otay Mom! Fishy crackers yummy Vi-wee tummy!”

Then, after five minutes of singsonging in the echo’y bathroom, the magic happened.

Violet: “Ahhhh….fishy crackers…”

Also, i know–i just blogged about peepee in the potty. If you don’t like it, i’m sure there’s plenty of blogs out there that don’t use bathroom humor.


God is good all the time

Okay, I’m back. I know we got back on monday but it’s been a long week already for many reasons. We’ve been enjoying AJ’s time off between jobs and trying to restock our pantries while grocery shopping with two small children, which for some reason has an uncanny ability to make me forget why on earth I stepped foot in a grocery store for something other than jojo’s from the deli. We’ve also been trying to reconnect with friends and family and get our kids into clothes that fit. They’ve both grown so much since we’ve been gone that by the end they were both looking ridiculous.

We’ve also been trying to make sense of tragedies and the frailty of life that seems so much more apparent now that I have children of my own. Some dear friends of ours lost their sweet little girl just a little younger than Henry this past weekend. Every time I start to try and wrap my head around what just happened, something shorts out and I’m left with an ache in my throat that doesn’t swallow away. I can’t understand it. So I don’t try. I can do nothing but surrender into the knowledge that God is good. No one can deny that there is pain and cruelty in our world, but in the same breath it is also impossible to deny the goodness of God. While a loss like this makes me want to watch my children while they sleep and allow myself to be tormented by worry, I know in spite of all the future holds, Jesus loves my loved ones even more than I do. This is a great comfort to me.


I would, but I fell asleep.

No, literally. I fell asleep last night while trying to think of a blog. I then decided not to blog. I’m wishing daylight savings was here sooner because this whole time change is seriously messing with us. We’re all up by 4am for the second day in a row. It doesn’t help that my children are early risers anyway. Anyway, we’re back.

For some reason our return flight was split in two resulting in nearly three hours of more flying time. Violet did really well with no accidents except for the one time when we were running from one plane to the next and she was yelling “POO POO! MOMMMMMYYYY! POOO POOOO! HURRY!” and I had to tell her that I would rather her poop in her diaper than us miss our flight. Poor kid. She is potty trained but there was no way on earth I was going to have an accident on an airplane.

The two flights went remarkably well though I found myself making all sorts of rash promises to myself about never stepping foot on an airplane again.

Now to fill up my fridge again, and weed my patio which has turned into a wild jungle. I have a tomato plant out there. I didn’t plant any tomatoes.


home stretch

Stretch. That’s a funny word. Say it out loud. Say it fast, say it slow. Say it in a boat with a goat, say it in a house with a mouse. I love when words sounds like the thing they are. If you say “Streeeetch” it actually makes you want to stretch. Like Boing. Boing sounds exactly the way it should. Not like hors d’oeuvres.

On a completely different topic. Tomorrow is our last day here in Cape Cod. Maybe ever. Tomorrow will be a flurry of packing, and organizing and last-minute cleaning, and beaching. Sunday we’ll head to Boston for the day and Monday night will be spent on our blissfully comfortable mattress. At home.

Speaking of home, Heaven is a place of celebration today. A hero of mine and AJ’s passed away after a long fight with cancer. When AJ and I were engaged we spent an evening with him and his wife as part of an “assignment” in our premarital counseling where we asked an older couple we respected to share their love story and how they made it work. History tells us of epic love stories. Stories of passion, mystique and drama. Maybe those ones stand out because they make the headlines, but it’s the stories of self-sacrifice that last. Maggie told us how shortly before they were married, Rod told her that he would stand in front of a train for her. Just stated it like that–simply. So, that’s what they told us. Stand in front of a train for your spouse. Do what it takes. When you sacrifice everything, the only thing left is true love.