Well, well, well…

Today our well was drilled.  All previous owners had relied on the use of several hand-dug wells, but we asked the sellers to drill a well before closing to ensure access to lots of clean water. Besides, it’s not 1800 and we’re not savages.

Anyway, in answer to your questions, we did not use these guys:

And the well does not look like this:

Instead, here’s a picture of a similar well setup to ours. You’re looking at the pressure tank, pump, and power for the pump.

We’re pretty relieved the well process is moving ahead on schedule since we’ll be arriving there in just a few days. When we arrive, we will be camping in a tent for the first week or two while we deal with several house issues. These issues are mostly related to general cleanup and mice eradication. ‘Cause Mamma don’t play that game. That’s right. I’m willing to live in a tent for two weeks before I share a house with mice. And just to be sure you understand me when I say “mice” and not “a mouse”, referring to more than one of these delightful little creatures, I shall use the plural PLURAL form of “meeces” to refer to them.  So the meeces. There’s quite a lot of them. We need to figure out some great trap ideas and bait options because I have no intention of feeding them poison and having them go die in the wall somewhere. If you have any great tips, please send them our way.


And now, I shall stop procrastinating and go pack my kitchen. T-minus 7 days and praying for good weather. Also, a super unusually warm early spring.

This post goes out to Elizabeth O. My newest blog stalker. I’m sending you an awesome t-shirt. Not really.


Easter Musings

“And he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” And he said to him, “Truly I say to to you, Today you will be with me in Paradise.”” Luke 23: 42-43

Could this be the most significant interaction in the whole of human history? These words, the most rich with meaning and joy? For here lies the perfect picture of humanity’s great need made perfect in the Divine Grace of the cross. In this simple conversation between a thief speaking his last words while dying for his own sins, and the sinless Son of God dying for the sins of all humanity we see Jesus invite with no need for penance, this sorry picture of humanity simply because he asked.

What a richly satisfying moment that must have been for Jesus. As he hung there, borne down more by the crushing weight of sin-separation from The Father than the agony of crucifixion, he turned to the man dying by his side and uttered words that could not have been spoken a day before. In his great mercy and love, he was finally about to vanquish sin and death once and for all and allow the floodgates of his Grace to cover us in our abject need.

Easter is such a sweet and heart-rending holiday for me. If I sit too long and think about it, something shorts out in my head because I really can’t comprehend the depth of the sacrifice and Grace that has been made mine. This year I was particularly struck by the interaction between the thief and Jesus. It’s as if all humanity is that one thief. Dying. Sinful. Nothing left to offer. He doesn’t even renounce all his sins. Knowing that there is no time to change and nothing else he can do to even the score in a great balance of the good versus evil in his life. And then Jesus. Even in the act of bearing the punishment for the sins of this man, He turns to him and promises eternal life.

This is the power of the cross. If you grab hold onto anything, hold this. His Grace is made perfect in our weakness and our salvation is only through the completely encompassing Grace of God. I’m pretty sure being a good person is overrated. Sure, life is much easier when we made choices that honor God, but at the end of the day, “good” isn’t what gets us into Heaven. Only Grace.


What have we just done?

I remember wondering about love when AJ and I were dating . When does it happen? How do you know it when it comes? Do you recognize it, or is it so unlike all other types of love that you are left whirled around and speechless? One morning you just wake up and realize that somehow overnight, everything just changed. Like this morning. We bought a farm. One minute I’m running the vacuum in my 3bed/2.5 bath home in suburbs and the next I’m running as fast as my heartbeat through a wide open field. My field. Our field. Next, I turn sharply down a hill and around a corner into a berm of trees that line the creek. Our creek. The perfect mix of pasture, trees, hills, water, sun and shade.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s in rough shape. So it’s a bit of a fixer-upper.  AJ and I are terrified and excited. There’s nothing scarier than watching dreams get buried under the old pages of a calendar though.

My whole horizon just changed. I’m all a jumble of mixed thoughts and I can’t even seem to write a coherent line without either bursting into song lyrics or obsessively hitting the backspace key. I just can’t even.

Our field