In which I realize that I am in fact, a crazy cat lady.

But let me be clear; when I say “crazy” i am referring to the cats and not myself, and when I say “cats” I mean children.

Ways In Which Small Children and Cats are the Same

1. Feeding time. Both cats and small children insist on getting right underfoot and making lots of noise right before you have the food ready/can opened.

2. They both have the tendency to get wild and hyper and chase each other around the house and over furniture, knocking over lamps or anything else that’s fragile.

3. You don’t want to see either of them standing on the kitchen counters.

4. If you’re carrying something large or heavy, both cats and children will use that chance to walk slowly, directly in front of you.

5. While normally gentle, they both have been known to bite and scratch

6. Litterboxes and diapers are both disgusting.

7. Cats and small children are both well known for their ability to damage/destroy furniture.

8. They like to wake you up too early…usually by sitting on your face.

9. If there is soft dirt outside, they will find it and dig in it.

10. If they get sick the chances that they will actually vomit in in the toilet are slim to none.




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