in which i become a hypochondriac with self-diagnosed narcolepsy.

So, sometime around the beginning of the year, when everyone was either making grand resolutions for the New Year or trying to be all original by saying something smart like “I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because that’s just for losers,” I decided to start blogging regularly again. Six posts. That’s as far as I got.

Here’s why. Eight months ago we were settling into our fall routine of preschool, church stuff, and a great job for AJ. As soon as I had filled in the fall calendar we found out that AJ’s job as a contracted RN was not going to be renewed with several maternity leave staff returning, and since we wanted to keep working on a contract basis to pay off all those home renovation bills faster, we decided to see if there was anything else available nearby. And then the whirlwind. We moved to Portland, discovered that we wanted to live here permanently, went house hunting, church hunting, people hunting (not that kind of hunting), neighborhood hunting, and of course new-favorite-mexican-restaraunt hunting. Next, we went back to that small Scandinavian town we grew up in to haul all our earthly possessions here and start life as we know it from scratch. Oh, but I forgot the biggest part.

This happened.


I KNOW. On Christmas Eve Eve, in a joking attempt to put my hypochondriac tendencies to rest, we discovered a pretty big surprise.

*please observe a moment of silence here for the shock and awe we experienced.

So yes, now that I’m just past the halfway point in this pregnancy, most of that shock and awe has morphed into just regular shock and of course a mind-numbing fog of exhaustion and raging hormones.

Anyway, if the thought counts, plenty of interesting things to blog about have occurred to me since January. Unfortunately, I have either shortly forgotten them or just fallen asleep before blogging. I mean really. The reason I took that ding dang test in the first place was because suddenly I was sending AJ out the door for work in the morning and promptly falling back to sleep till noon while my children found new ways to decorate with cocoa powder and mayonnaise.  Like two weeks before this whole whirlwind hit, I took my brother’s wedding pictures. Eight months later I delivered them. I’m not even sure if that’s legal, guys. At least to my credit, I take incredible pictures so it worked out okay. I’m also highly intelligent and super humble.

And that’s where I’ve been. Old readers will notice that I changed the name of this blog from Every Day of the Year. It was time. Let’s not kid ourselves anymore.

Hopefully I’ll post again in 2013. Maybe.


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