Ick Factor of 10

This evening we went to the beach to feed the ducks and seagulls some old rice cakes. When the birds decided we were actually trying to trick them into eating styrofoam, they left and Violet walked along the beach eating the little pieces left behind until we caught her.


That’s just how it works…

When Violet was an infant, I remember her being very interested in other small children and babies. Henry is no different except that he has Violet and always finds her completely interesting and amazing and fantastically funny. Especially when she’s eating. Speaking of eating, Henry has recently been seen around town chewing on apples, bananas, and tonight–a zucchini. Not eating, just chewing. Because there’s nothing better to entertain a drooling baby with than a slimy piece of fruit for them to suck on.

I do have a confession though. I will be starting Henry on solid foods a month earlier than I had planned, on his five-month birthday which is coming up in nine days. Yes, I’m counting. I haven’t slept more than several freak-occurrence six-hour stretches since he’s been born, and I think that giving him a hefty evening meal of rice cereal should hopefully eliminate the two night-time feedings he currently “needs”. Please Mr Henry, Mama needs her beauty rest before I start carrying spare change in the bags under my eyes. Of course, I can’t complain though…it helps that he defies all possible boundaries of baby cuteness.


A day in the life of a vigilante…

travelling with small children requires vigilance, coffee, a sense of humor, and vigilance.

Today we went to Providence Rhode Island to visit the zoo and other attractions whose attractiveness depend on how attractive they are to small children. Violet has a short attention span since she is only two, but she loved the zebras, elephants, and giraffes.



This, That, and The Other

  1. Violet has recently been caught licking “clean” her silverware and putting it back in the drawer or the clean dishwasher. This leaves me with the pleasant task of sorting through the dishes looking for tongue streaks.
  2. Lions and tigers and bears, Oh My! Tomorrow we are going to the zoo in Providence Rhode Island. I love going to the zoo.
  3. Yesterday Violet and I made an apple crisp together. She loves to help me bake because I let her dump the measuring cups and spoons full of interesting powders into the bowl. She tastes every one.
  4. I could really use a babysitter for twenty minutes. Just twenty minutes so I can go to laundry. I’m pretty sure that I cater to Henry’s want-to-be-held way too much. Crying stresses me out.
  5. I actually need to go turn on the a/c here in a minute. Can you believe it?
  6. Today is a birthday for one of my brothers. If you live in the seattle area, please check out the new restaurant where he is the chef. Here is the link for their website. I haven’t been yet because the place just opened a few weeks ago, but I’m told it’s good! It’s a pizza, etc. place, by the way. My oldest cousin opened it, so if you show up just tell ’em I sent you! I’m most curious to try the pear gorgonzola ravioli…
  7. This just in. I had to take a quick blogging break to shake poop down a pant leg. No, not mine…
  8. Have I mentioned yet that this house is infested with daddy-long-leg spiders? They multiply faster than I can kill them. I guess the good thing is that they are just daddy-long-legs and nothing worse, but I still despise them. Yesterday Violet saw one and went after it with a shoe after seeing AJ and I kill them that way so many times. I don’t care if they aren’t a bad spider, no spider is a good spider as far as i’m concerned. I remember reading a gardening article about spiders once since our patio at home is usually covered in spider webs. I was trying to find ways to keep them out short of hiring a bird to sit out there and eat them but the article was saying that spiders are good for gardens because they keep away pests. I’m sorry, I think spiders are pests. I don’t care if they catch all the bugs. I’d rather deal with bugs than spiders anyway especially considering I haven’t found a spider that keeps aphids away.
  9. We are on a major Dr. Suess kick lately. Violet and I are getting ready to read my all-time-favorite, On Beyond Zebra.

There’s a letter called YEKK. And the YEKK is for Yekko

Who howls in the underground grotto in Gekko

These Yekkos loves echoes, and this is their motto:

“For the best Yekko echoes, try Gekko our grotto!”

10. Violet likes to call food “yucky” to avoid eating it. Except she says, “Yutty, yutty Mamma!”


    Fish, Food, and Friends

    Today we went to an aquarium in a small town on the edge of a the cape called Woods Hole. The majority of the town centers around a sprawling oceanographic institute. Part of the institute is the aquarium, which is free. Bonus! There were tons of crazy atlantic fish to see. In the second picture from the top in the above collage you can see a rare blue lobster. The one right above me is a lobster that is half male and half female. Apparently you can tell because of the half-and-half color. I thought it might have been painted at first, but in the photo next to it is a picture of it when it was caught showing the same vivid and dramatic color difference.

    After the aquarium we went to a farmer’s market on the way home and bought a hot donut from a vendor, visited with a pet cockatoo named Molly Malone (she’s irish), and after a lengthy browse on a toy store where we bought nothing to avoid going bankrupt, we finished our outing with a chocolate-peanut-buddah cupcake and a red velvet cupcake. I only bought the second one because we walked in the shop and Violet promptly ripped a bow off  display apron. Yay. The last picture is of a diner we passed that i couldn’t resist taking a picture because (even though you can’t really see it) the neon sign in the window says Eat Heavy. Yum?


    Too Big for His Britches

    Literally. Last night I cut the toes off of Henry’s pajamas. I don’t really want to restock on clothes unless I have to since he has a bunch o clothes waiting for him back home. I didn’t anticipate how much he was going to grow…


    Martha’s Vineyard Trip

    Yesterday we took a ferry from Cape Cod to a small island nearby called Martha’s Vineyard. Yes, the same one the Obama’s (p’tew) just vacationed at. They have a simple but effective way of keeping this island escape exclusive to rich people. You have to show last year’s taxable income before they let you board. Just kidding. Actually, it’s just expensive. We opted to walk-on the ferry because bringing a car would have been prohibitively expensive. That way, all the middle-class tourists like us only visit the small port towns with bad food and gotta-have-it chintzy beach decor shops. Yes, you can take public transit to other parts of the island but it would take for-ev-er. It wasn’t as bad as I’m making it seem but when you have a day sandwiched between two ferry rides, it’s not much different from stepping in dog poop first thing in the morning. No, i don’t like ferries. Actually, I have a ferry phobia. And I live in the Pacific Northwest. I know.

    Stop laughing. Phobias are real figments of the imagination, okay?

    It’s not really just ferries…I can’t stand public transportation in general, but ferries are by far the worst. By far. Ugh.