so much for sledding…

Well, here we are–the end of January. Unfortunately, the New Year’s resolution that I had for this month was to go sledding, but there was no snow to be had. Anywhere. I decided to substitute that event by allowing the cats to come inside enough for me to discover that no, Lola was not shedding; Violet was pulling chunks of hair out of her whenever she would carry her around.

I also had some other Convictions posts I was thinking about doing, but tonight is my first night home since Friday afternoon, so I don’t want to spend a lot of time blogging. I spent the weekend at my church women’s retreat at a hotel in Bellevue. Here’s all I intend to tell you about that:

1. I really don’t like self-flushing toilets because they always flush too soon and I barely get my pants pulled up in time to make sure the toilet seat cover goes down too. Please tell me you use toilet seat covers or toilet paper whenever you use a public toilet. Please. Please. Please. And yes, in case you’re confused, I don’t like flushing the toilet twice. Why? because whenever I hear someone else have to flush twice to get the job done, I assume they just had some serious business that was taken care of.

2. Try as we might, my two roommates and I could not locate a fan in our bathroom. Yes, it was bad.

3. One of my roommates was my little brother’s fiancée. Finally, another sister! (and this one never stole my clothes, got in to my stuff, or tattled on me to my parents. Having a ton of brothers just might be more fun that I bargained on.)

4. I just realized that I LOVE chicken coconut curry. I shall now attempt to make some. soon.


violet is cool

there’s something so satisfying about catching a small child in the act of getting into trouble. It’s so easy, and they are usually so surprised that you found them. Right now, Violet is trying to get into the bathroom drawers and AJ is telling her no. She shuts the bathroom door on him and when he goes to open it, she is completely startled that he caught her.

“How did you do that?! I shut the door and everything!”

It’s a good thing I didn’t have children any older in life. Its hard enough to sneak out of her room when she falls asleep without my bones and joints creaking.

Here’s a picture from last night when I had a mud facial masque on.

This is from earlier in the day–pudding after lunch!


The Flavor Of My Childhood

The flavor of my childhood could best be summed up in a homemade, hot, whole wheat tortilla, coated with melted butter on one side and rolled up. I can’t believe I’ve never blogged about this.

My mother made these nearly every day when I was growing up. This was in part from her Spanish, Mexican heritage, and in part because no one else in the world makes tortillas like my mom. Except me.

First, here’s the recipe.

In a medium sized bowl, mix:

  • 2 cups flour (try going with half wheat and half white to start)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

Then, in a 1 cup measuring cup, pour

  • 1/4 cup oil (olive, if you can)
  • 3/4 cup very warm water (not from the tap–eww) (the reason you mix them together before adding to the flour mix is so the oil and flour don’t clump)

Dump this into the flour mix and stir dough with a spoon. Depending on the consistency of the dough, you might need to add a little flour, but if you follow this recipe, you should only need a handful of white flour on your countertop to roll out the tortillas in. If you can roll them out and they hold together, then you probably have enough flour.

start heating up a pan or griddle on medium high to high (depending on your range)

Next, form a ball of dough about half the size of your fist. Roll it out on the floured surface until thin. Thin is good. Thin, like as thin as you can without it tearing. Pick it up and dust it off between your two hands, because loose flour burns. Throw it onto the hot pan, taking care that it lands flat. As soon as you get quarter-sized bubbles on the surface, flip it over. (if your pan is the right heat, this takes about 20-30 seconds.) Let it cook about half the time on the second side and flip it out onto a plate. Unwrap a cube of butter and wipe it slowly all over the surface. roll it up and eat it hot.

This makes about 6-8 tortillas, and they are best served fresh and hot. Here are some pictures from this evening. I forgot I wanted to blog about them, so these pictures were taken after they got cold.

Yes, I know they aren’t perfectly round. It makes them taste better.

This particular stick of butter has already been well loved.

You should go try making some right now while you’re thinking about it.


I’ve officially decided

that there is a difference in flavor between instant jello pudding, and cook and serve jello pudding. Yes, the cook and serve has a slight skin when it cools, but it tastes better–richer somehow. there’s a possibility that the act of cooking it and putting actual preparation into making it gives it a psychological richness, but then again, I’ll eat cool whip out of the tub and call that rich, so…


Convictions: Boundaries in marriage

Here’s something I feel strongly about. The boundaries in a thriving, Godly marriage must be opposite of those seen in popular culture. I am speaking of two boundaries in particular; the boundary between you and your spouse, and the boundary around the two of you in reference to purity, sexuality, and intimacy.

In pop culture, we are presented with this idea where monogamy is outdated at best and as a result, people in intimate relationships often have a distorted idea of what kind of boundaries they need. This results in a wall around you and your heart because intimacy becomes scary without the protection of complete monogamy. The second boundary, which should be very strong is around you and your spouse. I won’t say “partner” here, because that would remove the aspect of complete and whole-hearted monogamy. (Of course, when I refer to monogamy, I am referring to a relationship where both people are committed to each other and do not engage any outside forces for emotional or sexual intimacy on any level.)

In a healthy marriage, you are responsible to protect and foster intimacy–for the both of you. Don’t assume your husband or wife is solely responsible to keep themselves pure and avoid building a wall around their heart. This is a tag-team mission that will keep both of you running all out all the time to give the other person a hundred percent.

This is my conviction: marital intimacy is a gift from God, and you have only scratched the surface. Tear down those walls between you–no matter how small–the same way you built them–brick by brick. Build high and deep the wall around your marriage. Seek out the unique challenges to building this wall that your spouse most certainly faces, and walk beside them–not in condemnation of their humanity, but in solidarity, friendship, and as their own personal armor bearer.

“Our Lord finds our desires, not too strong, but too weak. We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.”
–C. S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory


if it walks like a duck…

On our way home from church today, we saw one of these on the side of the road. Apparently someone’s Muscovy duck had gotten out. I recognized it immediately, because Muscovy or Mute ducks are unique in their ugliness. I also recognized it because we had some when I was seven.

They got out of their pen and we chased them until they finally quacked–even though they are supposed to be mute. Plus, our blue heeler chased them too. Later on he would eat those ducks (and most of our chickens…and rabbits), but on that day, he helped us provide them with inspiration for their previously unused vocal cords. If ducks even have vocal cords…


Three things about me

1. I have never smoked a cigarette, but I would on a dare for any sum of money over a dollar. well, not a whole one for a dollar.

2. The only thing I like to clean is the lint trap in the dryer.

3. I will never ever buy plastic shower curtains ever ever again. fabric is so amazing. when they get dirty, i just pop them in the wash. case closed.


Convictions: Virginity till marriage

As you’ve probably decided–there’s not a whole lot of ambiguity in that title. One of my strong convictions is that sex and sexuality are only meant to be enjoyed within the context of marriage. I include “and sexuality” in that because sexual intimacy is so much more than the single physical act of intercourse. yikes–i can’t believe i just typed that word. ick.

I don’t feel terribly qualified to be writing a blog post on this subject, because even though AJ and I were both virgins until after we were married it was only by the grace of God. That, and lots of boundaries. Lots and lots of boundaries. Before you say anything–too many rules does not a pharisee make, we just needed that many. We also made a conscious decision–not that we would not have sex, but that we would remain pure to honor God and our marriage. Yes, I know it sounds like the same thing, but it’s one thing to try very hard not to do something, and another thing entirely to try very hard to do something.

When we were engaged, we realized that most of the arguments we had ever heard for not having sex before marriage were misguided at best. Don’t have sex because then you might get pregnant and then you HAVE to get married and you’ll never know if it was really meant to be. Don’t have sex because it’s bad. Don’t have sex because even though you are completely committed to each other already, it’s wrong. Don’t have sex because it will cloud your judgement. Don’t have sex because you’re a good christian and people might find out. Wrong. Wrong, wrong wrong. Don’t have sex outside of marriage because your body is a temple of God. It is sacred to Him. Sexuality outside of marriage is not entirely unequal to cheating on God. Until you make those sacred marriage vows, your body is meant for Him only and no other person–including yourself (yes, that was a subtle hint at you-know-what). Once married, it is then a beautiful thing meant to be shared with one other person for His glory.

Sex is all about God. He created it, He designed it, He made it amazing. If you take the God equation out of it, you lose everything it can be, and reduce it to being a simple, dirty act.

Earlier I mentioned that AJ and I were virgins till marriage by the grace of God. If you are unmarried–regardless of whether or not you’ve already had sex–know that the Grace of God is free to any that ask. You can still reclaim your purity or keep it  (whatever your case may be) because God loves giving second chances.

I wrote this blog, simply because I have the perspective of someone who waited and found out why. Our marriage has been so blessed because of it.

Remember, the pants come off when the ring goes on.



1. saving my world one pregnancy craving at a time. hot crepes with fresh blackberry jam for breakfast and tacos for dinner. I can tell violet likes my cooking when she is silent during the duration of the meal because she’s so busy pushing food into her mouth.

2. watched sherlock holmes with AJ while Violet ruled the roost at my parent’s household. Still wishing holmes had just once said something was “elementary” to his dear watson.

3. packing soft tacos to freeze for lunches with the leftovers while AJ read The Good Earth out loud.

4. reminded how glad I am not to be a peasant in china at the turn of the last century.

5. also reminded that bending over is no longer my special skill. furthermore, I sometimes grunt involuntarily when I have to stoop down to pick something up. the lesser known but just as glamorous aspect of pregnancy.

6. bath water everywhere.

7. watching my two favorite people draw each other pictures on the magnadoodle before bedtime.


An Ode To Pudding (or) I Swoon For A Spoon

whether chocolate or coconut or butterscotch or banana,

there’s no wrong way to eat it from within my cabana.

I like it in cups, I like it in pies,

I like it on oreos, or as a surprise.

Pudding is simple, it’s easy to make;

and yet its a treat a king might even take.

First there’s the mixing bowl and the spoon that need licking,

and then there’s the waiting while the clock goes on ticking.

Maybe you swipe a finger or a spoon

through the pudding that’s setting while whistling a tune.

Then Finally! oh…finally–at last it is done,

but you yourself, have only begun.



the funny thing about pregnancy cravings is that they are completely irrational and not always satisfying. Today I am craving two things: pico de gallo and chocolate pudding. I plan on having both sometime in the next 24 hours. the pico de gallo will come from my fridge, where i will eat it with a spoon and the pudding mix i just bought. Here’s my question. What’s the difference between instant jello pudding and cook-and-serve jello pudding? Besides the obvious difference in preparation, I can’t figure out why jello makes two different types. Is one better than the other? help.


Convictions: Birth Control

One of the things I’m very passionate about is human rights. Specifically, to include unborn babies as humans. Crazy, huh? Many people would agree that unborn babies are human and deserve the right to life regardless of the circumstances they may be born into, but not everyone agrees at what point that fundamental right occurs. There’s a pretty good chance–given my audience–that if you’re reading this, you believe life begins at the moment of conception. The very moment the sperm penetrates the outer layer of the egg (in case you were confused). I’ve always believed this too, but it was a flippant belief until I had to change my lifestyle to accomodate this belief.

So, what does this have to do with birth control? It started one day a few years ago when I was researching hormonal birth control to see if there was any link to my recent hair loss. I know everybody has different side effect to The Pill, but mine was hair loss. The more I looked, the more I found those crazy christian groups that say taking The Pill or any other hormonal birth control is the same as having an abortion–which of course isn’t true, but I decided to find out how hormonal birth control really works just to make sure.

Here’s what I discovered. Hormonal birth control, whether it’s a patch, a pill, or a shot works mainly in three ways to prevent pregnancy.

1. It regulates your hormones. Obviously. I’m not a doctor, so without going into details, it releases different amounts of hormones such as estrogen or progesterone during a cycle so that the ovaries aren’t triggered to release an egg, which is known as ovulation. This, I’m completely ok with. It could be argued that doing so is in a sense, “playing God” but if you take it that far then you should apply that to any form of birth control. I don’t feel this way, because I think that reproduction is a gift from God that we are given to steward or manage to His glory.

2. In the event that an egg is released, the second thing hormonal birth control does is change the quality of cervical fluid so that environment is much more inhospitable to sperm travelling to their first date. All those charming bachelors fighting to swim to their ladylove. Sad, sad, sad. I’ll spare you the more gruesome details, but suffice to say, it prevents a chance encounter and love at first sight. I also have no problem with this. While they are living cells, neither the egg, nor the many, many sperm, are human life. Which is a good thing, because I’m going  to guess you’ve “wasted” some a time or two.

3. The lining of the uterus is known as the endometrium. This builds up and thickens each month in preparation for a potential pregnancy and is shed in the form of menstruation. Yes, I know–now I’m blogging about periods. Stop freaking out and keep reading. By the time a fertilized egg reaches the uterus (about a week or so after conception), it needs a nutrient-rich place to support life and so it burrows into the endometrium. As soon as it does so, it begins releasing the HCG, a pregnancy hormone which then starts a chain of hormonal events in order to stop menstruation from occurring. I’ve said “hormonal” a lot so far. If, you’re on hormonal birth control, and if the egg still gets released, and if the sperm are tenacious enough to get to it and fertilization occurs, then the last thing hormonal birth control does is regulate the growth of the endometrium so that it can’t get thick enough for a fertilized egg to implant. Instead, it is merely shed during menstruation with the endometrium. This is where I have a problem.

I know that was a lot of If’s. However, I know people, and you probably do too, who have gotten pregnant while using hormonal birth control. That means, that despite all those amazing odds they still had a baby. It also means that you can get pregnant unknowingly and lose your baby unknowingly.

When presented with these facts, I had to re-realize how important unborn life is–from the moment of conception onward. I dug through my husband’s nursing books, and I couldn’t deny the reality of life existing even in those early days post-conception. I couldn’t find a point in the life of an embryo where it suddenly mattered more than it previously had–whether it was four cells or an implanted blastocyst. I threw out my birth control pills that night and never looked back. I had no idea what my alternatives were, but I knew that in knowing, I couldn’t keep taking The Pill.

Fortunately, I did find a much better alternative to hormonal birth control known as Natural Family Planning. I won’t go into details here because this blog has already reached epic proportions, but I will say this: it’s not as easy as popping a pill, but it’s not much harder, and the method failure rate is about 2%. If you want more information, you can google it or go to this website:

I’m trying to think of a clever way of wrapping up this gigantic blog. When I decided to blog about my convictions this month, I wanted to focus on things that were unique to me and my perspectives. Birth control certainly is one of them. I could apologize for possibly making you cringe here and there, but the reality is–if you’re not already, you probably will at one point be using it. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you share equal responsibility to be informed about the birth control methods you use. I’m including a picture i found somewhere on the internet for which i probably do not have permission, but it’s a great illustration of what occurs during the first couple of days post-ovulation.


“In every spark is the potential for a massive fire.”

Today is January 10th. Otherwise known as 01/10/10. That probably means you’ve had a solid chance at attempting to keep a New Year’s resolution. That also probably means you’ve already failed a few of these days. If you can’t say Amen, say Ouch, right?

If you’ve ever built a fire, you know how it starts. First something dry and light–newspaper perhaps. Next, small sticks all dry and crackly. Gradually as the flames gain strength you begin to add bigger and bigger pieces of wood until the embers beneath are strong enough to sustain the burning of that large log round. It’s an art.

When I was young enough to still be wet behind the ears, we lived in a cabin on the Columbia river. Built at the turn of the previous century, it had sheeps wool for insulation and of course–no running water or electricity. No, it was not like camping every day, it was like living at the turn of the previous century. Every fall, my dad would spend weeks cutting down trees for firewood; no small task since we went through about 10 cords a winter, and since we used wood to burn in our cookstove year-round, firewood was pretty important. Larch, cedar, and lodgepole pine were our electric company.

Since I was old enough to know better than burn myself, I started fires on a regular basis. Not daily if I could help it, because if you were good, you kept the fire from the previous night going till the morning when it could be replenished. You learned quick that the order of fire starting was important. It was only when I got impatient and put something too big in too soon, that the fire would go out.

I was reminded of this today while sitting in church. Pastor Tim Poetzl was using the analogy of a fire starting with a spark when he said the quote in the title. It made me think of how often I want every aspect of my life to be running at a hundred percent immediately. No one wakes up the morning and looks in the mirror and says, “I want to run at about thirty-percent today!” I certainly didn’t make any of my New Year’s resolutions hoping that maybe by the end of the year I would be starting to succeed in the first, attempting the second and seriously thinking about the third.

Obviously there’s a hugely practical application to the concept of living life starting your fires little by little. That spark? It’s from God, whether its the spark to be more disciplined in your devotions, or just to get off your butt and work out more often. Coddle it. Protect it. Be patient. Don’t let it die while you sleep, and someday–you’ll have a massive fire.


365 days, 354 posts

Not too shabby! That’s right, today marks the last day of my blogging year. It’s been a great way to explore my creativity and make a lot of you laugh in the process. I thought about posting my favorite post from each month for you newbies, but I figured if you’re on the internet reading a blog, then you probably like wasting time anyway. Go ahead–read the whole blog. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll waste a lot of time.

I’d really like to kick back with a glass (or bottle) of riesling and celebrate this journey, but I’ll have to make do with a bunch of chocolate. Like I said a few days ago, I will continue to blog on a frequent basis, but I think that by not blogging every day, the quality of my blogs will go up because I’ll have less blogs like the one I posted yesterday. Yay.

Last but not least; AJ, thanks for making me blog every day and always laughing at the funny ones. Thanks for making this happen.

Isn’t he just fantastically handsome? rarr…



Today’s post goes out to The Ding-a-ling bomber. Good luck pleading not guilty to carrying explosives in your underwear.

In other news, we’ve been having amazing January weather up here in Washington. I love snow. I love it. I also love taking long walks in January and not having to push the car out of snowbanks.

I’m actually hoping it does snow a little bit because I really want to take Violet sledding sometime this month.


Convictions: Happily Ever After

Call me young and naïve, but I still believe in Happily Ever After. I didn’t say Happily Always After, but Happily Ever After is a little more big picture than that. I feel like happiness is treated like second-class joy or on the same fallible-human emotion level as infatuation, which, if you’ve ever read the Song of Songs you  know that both are created by God to add depth to our lives.

Its holy to be joyful–boy is it ever. It’s even “holier” to be joyful and solemn. “Yes Brother, I’m sore pressed on every side and deep in trials and tribulations, but I have the joy of the Lord!” Well, good for you. Everyone has hardships to face–that’s part of what makes the good parts so good, but everyone also has the chance for happiness. God has ingrained in our human nature an innate need for happiness; for light-hearted abandon and giggles that turn to belly laughter. Please don’t misunderstand me–you can have joy without happiness, but you can’t have true happiness without joy. I’m not downplaying joy here, I’m just reaffirming the importance of the God-gift of happiness.

And so this is my conviction: Marriage is meant to be a happy place. It is meant to be many things…so many things rich and beautiful–not the least of which is Happiness. Cultivate it. Seek out those tiny seeds of laughter and pamper them through self-sacrifice and humility. Make that expression of deep gladness where your soul is disclosed to another, the priority it needs to be for a healthy marriage.

The two greatest thief’s of Happiness are Bitterness and Boredom. Find them when they are young and kill them quickly.


and if the devil doesn’t like it he can sit on a tack

Tonight while Violet was in the tub, I was singing her some old VBS songs like This Little Light of Mine, Jesus Loves Me, and I’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy.

I was having a hard time remembering all the verses to I’ve got the Joy. Other than the first obvious verse, and the one about the devil not liking it and sitting on a tack, I could only remember these two:

I’ve got that far out faith that freaks out farmers

Down in my heart

Down in my heart (etc


I’ve got that bubbling belief that baffles Buddhists,

Down in my heart…

Problem is, when I sing these verses for AJ, he looks at me like I grew up in the ozarks. Are these real verses? I need to know.


that last post wasn’t really a conviction

seriously people, calm down. if you want to leave your Christmas decorations up for a couple more days, I’ll allow it. it’s actually ok. just don’t not take them down. I didn’t say you would become a redneck, I just said that every day was one step closer.

Secondly, it’s the beginning of the first week in this new year. Like most Americans, part of your New Year’s resolutions probably had at least a tiny bit to do with finances. Here’s a handy-dandy little budgeting tool for you. The neat thing about this online budget tool is that after you input your monthly income, it will give you suggested percentages for each category. That way, you can see if your budget is completely crazy (15% for food) or actually ok. Here you go. Even if you don’t end up using it, it’s still interesting to take a look at.

Thirdly (i love saying that), today i put my hand in my coat pocket and was greeted by the jingle of change. Not change like “change we can believe in” because I don’t give a hoot for unsubstantial rhetoric, but change like coins.

It reminded me of childhood. Everyone knows–homeless change is fair game. A dime on the sidewalk here, and quarter in the couch there. I remember the childhood competition with my siblings of amassing lost coins to show each other and carry in our pockets in hopes of a trip to the store. Any store. Retailers are geniuses, because no matter what the sign on the outside says, they allll sell candy.

Then it would happen, you would get singled out for a trip to the hardware store. Feverishly counting the coins in your pocket, you’d hop in the front seat (another huge bonus) and head out with Dad. For him–probably a routine stop to replace a tool one of his sons had lost; for you–the chance of a lifetime. Yes, I’m being melodramatic, but so is childhood.

You’d bide your time during the shopping, making sure to be extra helpful, until finally you were both standing in line–directly alongside the rows of gleaming candy wrappers.

“Hey, hey Dad, I have some of my money.”


“Um, can I maybe buy a pack of gum?”

pondering silence.

“Please Dad? I have a quarter and three dimes, and it only costs twenty-five cents, so I was thinking maybe I could buy it?”

not waiting for a response, you plunge ahead.

“I just found these coins on the ground a long time ago, and Mom said I could have them, so could I please buy some gum…please Dad? Please?”

Five minutes later. Sitting in the front passenger seat soaking in the glory of that yellow pack of juicy fruit chewing gum, and of course–sharing with Dad.


conviction #1

don’t display Christmas decorations after New Years. Here’s the deal, if you’re reading this and you are a redneck, then obviously this doesn’t apply to you because let’s face it–nothing detracts from your redneck status quite as fast as taking down all your decorations on New Years. So for all you redneck readers, sit back in your gold “velvet” lazy boy, grab that pinch of chew,  and crack open another Pabst Blue Ribbon, because if you’ve still got Christmas in your heart–might as well have it on your house.

As for the rest of you (meaning everyone from the california-rejects to the granola-eating yuppies and everyone in between), stop being lazy. We all know you want to take them down, and putting it off is just prolonging the pain. The longer you wait, the better a cold PBR is going to sound, and before you know it you’ll be standing on your front porch, hiking up your pants with one hand and scratching your huntin’ dog behind the ear with the other as you survey the drooping and wet christmas lights still on your eves while yelling, “Hey Ma, these here christmas lights don’t look so dadgum bad after all!”



Well, it’s a new year. For the month of January I’m going to blog about my convictions. Basically, what makes my soapbox worth being a soapbox. I’ll be blogging about everything from alcohol and marriage to birth-control and politics. Of course, I realize these are weighty and serious topics and I am fabulously funny, so I won’t be blogging on these topics every day. I look forward to seeing all of your comments. Yes Spammers, you too.

Right now, Violet and her aunt Showny are upstairs while Violet takes a bath. I’m sure there is water everywhere because all I can here is laughing and splashing.

Have I mentioned my cats are beggars? Here’s proof:

That was Lola from a couple of days ago. We called number, left a message telling them to just put her back where they found her, and she showed up a couple of hours later.

I’ve come to realize this might happen on an annoyingly consistent basis, so here’s my idea:

for those of you who are still reading, the writing on her collar is a web address for her blog:

Lastly, in an attempt to redeem my nerdness for making my cat a blog, here’s proof that we’re gangsta.


Yes, I’m still here

I know what you’re thinking. It’s January first and that means a little piece of sunshine has left your world. No longer can you expect to come here every day and be amused, entertained, or challenged by my daily profusion of unique, brilliant, and amazing words. Well, you would be wrong.

My year here doesn’t end until the 10th, and after that I will change the name of my blog to “Whenever I Freakin’ Want To.” I got the idea after a friend of mine and about a billion other people started a facebook group where they would post a picture for every day of the year. Awesome idea, but unfortunately–everyone else was doing it and I wasn’t interested in joining the horde. Just a little too trendy if you know what I mean. Anyway, since I like writing, I decided to give it a go. By the way, Noel–if you’re reading this: I love your pictures from this past year 😉

On a more serious note, now that it is 2010, I’m having serious issues with how to address this new decade. Twenty-ten? O’ten? Two-thousand-ten? I guess I’ll just wait to see what the mass media calls it and go with the flow. Don’t judge–you’ll do the same thing.

One last thing I’m wondering about: