I would, but I fell asleep.

No, literally. I fell asleep last night while trying to think of a blog. I then decided not to blog. I’m wishing daylight savings was here sooner because this whole time change is seriously messing with us. We’re all up by 4am for the second day in a row. It doesn’t help that my children are early risers anyway. Anyway, we’re back.

For some reason our return flight was split in two resulting in nearly three hours of more flying time. Violet did really well with no accidents except for the one time when we were running from one plane to the next and she was yelling “POO POO! MOMMMMMYYYY! POOO POOOO! HURRY!” and I had to tell her that I would rather her poop in her diaper than us miss our flight. Poor kid. She is potty trained but there was no way on earth I was going to have an accident on an airplane.

The two flights went remarkably well though I found myself making all sorts of rash promises to myself about never stepping foot on an airplane again.

Now to fill up my fridge again, and weed my patio which has turned into a wild jungle. I have a tomato plant out there. I didn’t plant any tomatoes.