Tip of the Day

This post brought to you by the makers of Quinoa. And yes, this is a paying sponsor, because God made Quinoa and all my treasures are in Heaven. So yeah, I’m set.

Source: http://www.prevention.com/whats-healthier-quinoa-or-brown-rice

Apparently 2013 is the international year of quinoa. Why? Because some genius in the Andes decided to cash in on this nutrient-packed seed and make sure that everyone knows that this superfood darling is going to be a win-win. People in Peru make more money, and we eat healthier.

My favorite way to use quinoa? Throwing a handful into soups or stews at the last minute in place of pasta or rice. It cooks in just a few minutes and doesn’t get super soggy like rice if overcooked. Other favorite ways? Cook quinoa plain and not in chicken broth, so that if you have leftovers, you can add it to quick and yeast breads, pancakes, salads, or even smoothies.


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