sitting in a rainy car

be warned. sometimes writing in italics, indicates impending boring-ness.

it’s 4:07 on Thursday afternoon and I’m sitting in a car. the raindrops are drumming gently on the roof and the people walking past scuttle through puddles, trying to avoid them. I’m supposed to be making a grocery shopping list but I think it’s safe to say that I have no idea what to make for dinner and so I sit here quietly waiting… hoping that perhaps if I sit here long enough,  inspiration will knock on my door and I’ll open it up to find a bag full of groceries with instructions and clean dishes afterwards. believe me when I say if I livef by myself I would never ever ever cook. it’s not that I don’t enjoy cooking in itself it’s just the Monday North headedness of such a task force me to tears. And the second half of that last sentence was brought to you by auto correct. right now I’m using a talk to text feature on my phone to write this blog, and I’m finding it not quite inspirational as I hoped. it isnt as though I don’t enjoy seeing what random words my phone will insert for me, that lets be honest-that’s not really the point of writing in the first place.

alright, new topic. thanks very much for your lease Thanksgiving we are looking forward to the long this holiday season ever. ohh my word. this talk to text feature is making me sound really stupid.
that’s it. I’m done, I’m going home. this blog is done.
why on earth I would publish this I have no idea, but I’m partly tempted to, just to help me start writing again. 2012 has been a pretty tough year for me, and I’ve always felt that while quiet waters run deep, sometimes mine just run dry. wow, now I sound like I’m totally obsessed with how deep my waters run. but hey, at least I’m humble about it. this is the most pathetic blog post ever. this talk to text feature is super super lame. also, as an added bonus, I look like a crazy sitting in my car talking to my phone.

And that, my friends was the end of my illustrious career as a phone blogger. I didn’t even have the heart to publish it without coming home and making an honest blog post out of it, but then i remembered that once I said I would make this a blog with no back-spacing and plenty of thinks that I thought. So, i guess the best i can do is include the above section with a small disclaimer about italics. In truth though, italics are usually quite important and should be minded most fastidiously.

I saw some blog post linked on facebook today about words that need to be stricken from common use–mostly because they are overused incorrectly. Now I feel that the occasional use of a word that you don’t actually understand is nothing more than the ramifications of a generation of spell-check children seeing the synonym option and selecting it based on a vague guess involving the context. Such misuse is simply a sign of degrading quality in culture, much the same way that few politicians are actually public servants, or that a 2000 Ford Taurus could even hope to be the restored classic that a 1940 Ford Coupe attains easily. At any rate, my point is that you must accept the following assignment with great brevity. Pick a new word to use today and make sure that you know what it means first. That means you look up the dictionary definition. Guessing is a sin.

Your first word should be fastidiously. Not because I feel that its unique meaning gives it a special value, but simply because the extreme levels of enunciation this word commands, make you stand a little straighter and raise your eyebrows just a bit. The overall effect is one of earnestness, and everyone knows that a little bit of earnest interest in pretty much anything decent can make your world a little bigger. Let’s say you express your appreciation at the fastidious attention to detail that went into your white chocolate cappuccino by the barista at Starbucks. You leave, and the barista smiles to herself because she knows you really meant it–after all, you did look pretty earnest. When she gets off work, the barista puts a little bit more earnestness into her term paper on water transportation methods in third-world countries. Later that week in a study group, a classmate reads that paper just before heading off on a missions trip to Nigeria, and they’re inspired to find a new way to implement the prevention of malaria. Finding a better way to soak the nets in the bug repellent is just the ticket to prevent Akin from getting malaria and continue his education at the local school. Twenty-five years later, Akin is just finishing up his residency in a hospital in Michigan. He’s your new doctor. And just like that, your world got bigger. Did you get chills? Yeah, I thought so.



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