home stretch

Stretch. That’s a funny word. Say it out loud. Say it fast, say it slow. Say it in a boat with a goat, say it in a house with a mouse. I love when words sounds like the thing they are. If you say “Streeeetch” it actually makes you want to stretch. Like Boing. Boing sounds exactly the way it should. Not like hors d’oeuvres.

On a completely different topic. Tomorrow is our last day here in Cape Cod. Maybe ever. Tomorrow will be a flurry of packing, and organizing and last-minute cleaning, and beaching. Sunday we’ll head to Boston for the day and Monday night will be spent on our blissfully comfortable mattress. At home.

Speaking of home, Heaven is a place of celebration today. A hero of mine and AJ’s passed away after a long fight with cancer. When AJ and I were engaged we spent an evening with him and his wife as part of an “assignment” in our premarital counseling where we asked an older couple we respected to share their love story and how they made it work. History tells us of epic love stories. Stories of passion, mystique and drama. Maybe those ones stand out because they make the headlines, but it’s the stories of self-sacrifice that last. Maggie told us how shortly before they were married, Rod told her that he would stand in front of a train for her. Just stated it like that–simply. So, that’s what they told us. Stand in front of a train for your spouse. Do what it takes. When you sacrifice everything, the only thing left is true love.