Confessions confession

Alright, so after taking a look at the results of the poll in the previous post, I would like to thank all of you for your vote of confidence in my parenting skills. No, I didn’t tell Violet a spider was going to get her, the fish is still alive (because he’s a beta and that’s just what they do–fed or not), and I can’t let Henry run around nekkid because he pees on cue. The cue being no diaper. Not convenient.

So anyway, through the process of elimination you may have assumed by now that the thing that I do sometimes is throw away priceless keepsakes like Violet’s art. I do keep some things, just not most of it. I try not to collect stuff to form memories around, because that same stuff only complicates the present with clutter. I literally have a few journals from my childhood and teen years–nothing else. Sometimes I wish I had saved more things, but then I remember that 99% of the time that memorabilia just ends up in a box somewhere collecting space and dust.

So here’s my rules for storing memories:

keep pictures.

keep journals/some drawings

take your vitamins and exercise to keep your brain healthy so you can remember your memories

spend time with people, not stuff about people.


True Confessions

Well, it’s Monday.

It’s raining, I have a headache, and I need to go grocery shopping. Has anyone other than me ever noticed how miserable it is to grocery shop in the rain? With two little people who don’t like getting rained on? Anyway,

I am going to list three lies and a truth–you pick the true confession.

Vote on the one you think is true–all the others are lies.


Last blog post ever…probably

Hey everyone,

As IĀ  write this, the end of the world is upon us. AJ and I have decided to spend our last precious moments watching a TV show on our laptop while our kids sleep upstairs. In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard by now that the world is going to end today, May 21st 2011. We had a beautiful day at the park with both of our family to jointly celebrate our last day on earth togetherĀ  as well as Henry’s first birthday. Luckily, the weather was beautiful. I was going to upload pictures tomorrow morning, but si…