Moniker monkeying

Violet and Henry Love (love) each other. It’s pretty great to watch their relationship evolve into a brother-sister game of give and take. I think it’s fair to say that Henry is completely fascinated  by everything Violet does. However, as he is getting older his fascination is being replaced with a strong desire to pretty much do everything Violet is doing–especially if it means following her around and taking her toys. In the last couple of weeks especially, it seems like his personality has been emerging even more. In a preliminary assessment, I have discovered that he is petulant, cuddly, domineering, entitled, goofy, bossy, a hair-puller, greedy, funny, etc. The irony of having the baby of the family with a name that means Ruler of the home, is not at all lost on me.


Shush Puppies

My children are loud and messy. This has led me to come to this conclusion. The heart of a child delights in making unnecessary noise, and unwarranted messes. Now we are headed upstairs to blow bubbles in the bathroom and scream as we pop them as I find new ways to delight their hearts.



Hey there everyone,

It’s me…remember? I used to blog here?

*Tap, tap*…wow, tough crowd tonight…

How’s about this, my peeps? Prithee accept a pretty bribe in place of my blogging delinquency?

Better yet?


When all else fails…



Here’s hoping she wasn’t a Democrat…

AJ and I went out to lunch today. Sarah Palin was eating at the table next to us. Okay, so it wasn’t Sarah Palin, but she bore a striking resemblance. She had the hair, the glasses, and smile, and when her tablemates joked about her appearance, she said “You Betcha!” Since eavesdropping and people watching is one of our favorite date pastimes, we learned that she had recently gotten new glasses and since then had been inundated by comments from strangers. Seriously, it was uncanny. When we left we gave the waiter some extra cash to cover a portion of their meal with a note that said,

Compliments of the RNC. Enjoy your stay in Washington, Ms. Palin.
Totally worth it.


Lessons in Inadequacy

Someday when my children are older I will go back to school and become a therapist. In the meantime, I am a mom. Before I became a mom I only worked to put my husband through school, which meant for me that I switched jobs a lot to keep my life interesting. Mostly sales. I always applied for jobs I was under-qualified for since I learn fast, I need challenges, and let’s face it–those were usually the only ones where I could make enough to eat on. Enter Stage Left: Motherhood. In many ways it’s not much of a change; I am completely under-qualified for the job, I spend my days trying to convince someone to listen to me, and there’s a lot more BS than anyone ever admits to.


Update from the daily grind

And by “daily grind” I most certainly do not mean a steaming cup of extra-strong coffee although that wouldn’t be unwelcome. I am instead referring to sippy cups being re-purposed as sprinkler systems, little boys learning to walk, and a new appreciation for country music. First, I must clarify that my fondness for country music has only two sources. One, all of a sudden it’s all Violet wants to listen to. What? Where did I go wrong? Secondly,

Update: as we’re listening to some cowboy-hatted crooner wailing on the radio Violet is playing along on the piano. It’s about as cute as you’re picturing it.

Anyway, secondly, my appreciation for country music comes from the similarities I sometimes find in my life and country music. That’s right, we missed Thanksgiving due to a bad cold, and spent AJ’s entire three-day super bowl weekend bowled over by a particularly nasty case of the flu. Plus, my dog died, my truck broke down, the roof in my trailer done sprung a leak, and the 7Eleven down the street stopped carrying Bud Light.



I think it’s fair to say that i don’t like to make small talk. Regardless of this fact, i do still have an arsenal of small-talk tidbits like observations about the weather, because the only thing worse than small talk is a foot-shifting awkward silence. rarely, this small talk turns into an actual conversation since i prefer to observe and analyze than talk about nothing in particular. Sometimes though…like today at the park.

Great day to be at the park, huh?

I know! I just had my birthday yesterday–what a perfect present.

Oh, happy birthday!

Thank you, although at seventy-eight they’re not quite as happy as they used to be.

(Side note: during small talk, please never share something depressing. thanks)

Well, at least the weather was nice.

I am thankful for that.

It could be worse though–our weather is amazing compared to the rest of the US.

Excuse me?

You know, all the bad weather everywhere else…?

Oh, is there a storm or something? Where at?

Um…yeah, i guess there’s been a couple really bad ones in the midwest and east coast

Oh well, you know they’re used to that kind of weather.

Yeah, i think this might be a little worse…

Oh? How bad is it then?

(it’s never a good idea to admit to living under a rock)

(Also, should I have told her about Egypt?)

In case you’re wondering, of course the natural direction of that conversation was just to peter out with aimless references to how it rains all the time here, so that’s exactly where I let it go.)


Also, and this probably isn’t worth your time reading, but you should know that the origin of the phrase “peter out” refers to dwindling away to nothing and was first used by miners during the gold rush in the mid 19th century. No one is certain why “peter” is used, but one explanation is that it comes from the french word pĂ©ter which means to break wind. That makes this much more entertaining than you imagined, i bet.