Shoe Envy

Violet loves shoes. I’ve raised my little girl right. The other day we were at target, and she was trying to put pairs of shoes over her other shoes. AJ made a comment about her being obsessed with shoes and I said, “Hey, at least it’s not purses.” She also likes to wear shoes in the house all day, and would never think of leaving the house without a pair on.

Today she had a friend visit. Little Isla sat down and made the mistake of exposing her cute shoes. Violet promptly snatched the closest one off her foot and ran away.

(this evening we discovered that Violet can now identify all her facial parts. here I thought she was ignoring me..)


Creme de la Cream Pie

is all gone. I have some pictures, but i’m downstairs and the laptop is being retarded, so you’ll have to wait till later.

from the way I talk sometimes, you’d think I lived in a big house. This is not so; I am merely lazy and do not wish to travel from one 500 square foot floor to another.

Anyway, I’m having major writer’s block tonight…I was totally counting on posting some pictures to make you jealous of my pie so that I wouldn’t have to be creative and write something worth reading.

You still there? Shame on you! wasting time on the internet again..


Boston: almost check

That’s right, we have an almost-confirmed couchsurfing host in beantown. That means we now have 12 out of 17 nights taken care of, which equals: AWESOME. The host has to check with her roommates, so I told her to tell them I’d bake them each a pie which is also awesome because that means we get pie too.

Today I made Creme de la Cream Pie (coconut, banana, chocolate, peanut butter cream pie). It is currently chilling in the fridge. It tastes awesome. (just the parts I sampled in the making process.)


It’s Official

I have an officially scheduled date for the birth of the next Fat Monkey Dessert. This time we’re going with Creme de la Cream Pie. As in the best of cream pies in one amazing pie. Here’s the rundown.

Oreo crust ( I think)

Then a layer of coconut cream pie creamy goodness.

Next a layer of sliced bananas.

Then, I’ll add a layer of chocolate cream pie goodness with peanut butter.

And top it off with a drizzle of kahlua…hmm, no maybe just whipped cream and a dusting of toasted coconut and  then  a drizzle of kahlua. Yeah. Creme de la Cream Pie, I’ll be seeing you on Sunday.


and why?

I bought a box of Cap’n Crunch today. Don’t ask me why; it was on sale and I’ve never had it before. I have discovered two things. One, it is impossibly hard to find a picture of the back of this cereal box to show you, and two, Cap’n Crunch and all the kids on the back of the box look completely wigged out on sugar. Which brings me to my question; why would any parent want their child to remotely resemble the sugar-crazed cretins on the back of the box? They don’t just look like a bunch of happy cartoon kids playing on a ship, they look like they’ve got sugar fever, and the only cure…is more sugar, as they maniacally work out on the ship’s obstacle course with lolling tongues and bugged out eyes. Please, that can’t be healthy.


The Met, Aliens, and a Duck

I am so excited to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, and finding out that the entrance price is only “suggested” can only make it more appealing because now we can have lunch afterwards! haha. well…maybe more than a split slice of pizza.

(Which, let me tell you; splitting something three ways is dramatically different than splitting it two ways. Violet can eat her weight in food, and gone are the days of ordering one thing off the menu and sharing.)

Anyway, I just had an epiphany this evening and I’d like you to be the first to know. You know all the consipracy theories about how the aliens  must have helped the Egyptians build the pyramids and all that stuff because it seems humanly impossible? Well, here’s my epiphany.

Here is a picture of an alien.

Here is a statue of an Egyptian Pharaoh (Amenhotep III whom I shall see face to face at the Met.)

My theory? The Egyptians were Aliens.

Here’s why:

This man is an Egyptian, and he looks nothing like those oval-eyed Pharoah’s of old.

Hmmm, it just occurred to me that someone may have already come to this conclusion. Just remember, You Heard it First, From Pearl Hurst.

Ok, this is purely gratuitous because I can’t resist showing you. When I googled faces of aliens for the first picture, I found an article which I shall link to here. Apparently some scientists were x-raying a duck with a broken wing, when they saw the face of an alien in the stomach of the duck. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. (see lower right of duck’s stomach.)

the funny part is that they say the duck died shortly after from “complications.” Which I translate to meaning they quickly killed the duck so they could open it up and find the alien.