Chicken Nipples And A Few Introductions

We’ve been hit with quite a learning curve since moving here. It’s one thing to know of something and it’s a whole ‘nother thing to live it. Here’s something that might surprise even you–our chickens have nipples. They’re red and leaky. And a total life saver.

Last month, we added chickens to our little farm here which is incredibly validating because now it’s officially a farm. Before that, the best we could say was that we were farming cats, dogs, and beavers. We bought a mix of five Black Copper Maran hens and eighteen Speckled Sussex along with a rooster from each breed. We’ll probably put most of them in the freezer before winter but for now we’re enjoying the fun of a large flock and trying to guess which hens are laying.



This is a picture of “The King” and a few of his ladies. He got his name after winning enough fights with the other rooster to keep him on his toes. He enjoys NASCAR, cheap beer, and polygamy. We’re probably going to eat him in the next month or so. The hens all stick together and enjoy hiding eggs, listening to old records, and trying out makeup samples.




This is Belle. She mostly hates everyone except Bruce Lee, because she fantasizes about being about to kick the ever-loving daylights out of anyone in her path but settles for snarling and running away. She also bitter because she used to be a city cat and it was much easier to take kung fu lessons at the community center. Her hobbies include, stealing dogfood and running an underground trade on the blackmarket dealing in dogs.



This is Cassie. Cassies loves everyone–even bad guys and Belle. She is a beautiful blue heeler/border collie cross and her official position is Chicken Supervisor. She spends all day herding and sorting them and generally trying to avoid the roosters while getting into staring contests with the hens. In her free time, she enjoys watching re-runs of Friends, her celebrity crush is  Ferris Bueller, and she’s totally addicted to Pinterest

2014-08-24 16.51.31

These are the kittens. They bring unmeasured amounts of joy and entertainment to Violet, Henry, and Oliver. They are (R-L) Ana, Elsa, and Olaf. Yes, we’ve seen Frozen. The kittens spend most of their time begging for food, spending their money on candy, and fighting over watching Dora the Explorer or Go Diego, Go.


Last but not least, here is Hart. Hart is a large Anatolian shepherd and enjoys keeping the bad guys away–much to Cassie’s chagrin. Her celebrity crush is Jack Bauer, and her favorite TV show is 24 and her favorite actor is Kiefer Sutherland. In her free time, she cleans her guns and practices timing herself while she loads and unloads.  She loves our family and is super sweet but is downright scary when she sees  anyone she doesn’t approve of.

Finally, here are some chicken nipples.