Oh the irony…

So we live in Portland, right? I mean, not in Portland, but pretty much. One of the interesting things about cities is that everyone is a little bit stranger. Now, I know most of you are thinking, “Yeah, you live in Portland!” But really, there’s something about urban living anywhere; the anonymity of being alone in a crowd that makes people act and dress in certain ways that you just can’t do in a small town without attracting attention. However, Portland does have it’s own special…flair…for the unusual.

I’m not sure how long this has been the case, but right now all the cool kids are hipsters. Except that it’s not cool to want to fit in to a mold or stereotype, so they won’t admit to all dressing alike because they just really feel like they naturally fit in their own personal style–which of course, is ironically similar to everyone else. Speaking of ironic–and i didn’t come up with this–apparently being a hipster is about…irony? I know. Kids these days. I didn’t really get it either until I noticed an advertisement for an iPad case. It was this mass produced look-alike of some old beat up leather bag with plaid accents–just like old timey loggers used. So let me get this straight. You want the most care-worn beat up old leather bag custom fitted to hold your iPad in. That, my friends, is irony.

Picture a man. He has a full beard, his hair is shaggy and mid-length, and he wears ill-fitting jeans that are rolled up at the ankles. Those hairy ankles are encased in a pair of clunky work boots that are dark brown with plenty of scuffs and look slightly old-country immigrant. His shirt is plaid (of course) and looks well made, although a little past it’s prime. Who is he? What is his story? Well, he doesn’t live in the sticks in montana running a sawmill. He’s your new barista. That’s right, this man makes lattes for a living.

But just wait. Before you go laughing at this strange little love-child of a hippie and a yuppie, don’t forget to look for the plank in your own eye. Got cowboy boots? Ever worn a cowboy hat? You better hope you’re a real live cowboy…on a ranch…driving cattle. What about jeans with store-bought holes or perfectly worn baseball caps? Yep. You too.

*I have no problem with men who make lattes for a living. I just find humor in ironic situations, and lucky me–i have a whole city of them.


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