Hickory dickory dock

In case you haven’t heard, animals make different sounds in other languages. For example, in France a dog says “Ouah!” In Mexico they say, “Guav!” How is it then, that we hear “Bark!”?

I found out tonight that the way we hear things differently is not limited to animal noises. We were at a stop light alongside a Vietnamese restaurant tonight. On the sign was a picture of a clock face serving up a cup of tea. The name of the restaurant? “Tic Tac.” Apparently clocks say things differently in Vietnam.

Did you know that a Japanese bee says “Boon Boon“?


2 things

1. I have lost all faith in organic broccoli. I bought some to steam for dinner tonight and it was infested with aphids. I had to throw it all away because they were so dense they wouldn’t wash out. I hate aphids.

2. Violet can now climb onto chairs by herself=she can access any available surface by climbing from the chair (i.e. the countertop)=my life just got a whole lot more complicated.

2. chocolate chip cookies…..



I just finished making AJ a BLAT sandwich for lunch. In case you’ve never dipped your pen into the colorful inkpot of food acronyms, that would be a Bacon Lettuce Avocado Tomato sandwich.

now to find a sandwich filling that starts with “O”…


It’s the moist wonderful time of the year…

That’s right; Fall is officially here.

Fall is my favorite season for several reasons. This may or may not stem from a year-long build in anticipation for my birthday which is also in the fall, or the fact that it means christmas is just around the corner, or that we’re only weeks away from Halloween candy being 75% off, or that now it is perfectly acceptable to eat soup for every meal and curl up with a good book and a cup of tea for no reason in particular.

And yes, I live in washington, which means that I meant for the title to say “moist” instead of “most”.


Just Words

When I was young I attempted to keep a diary many times. Most of my entries read something like this:

So, i know i haven’t written in here for a really really really long time, but now i’m going to write every day, so that should be good…

I’m feeling the fullness of that awkward moment that comes when returning to a long deserted diary. (Cough)…ok, tough crowd tonight…

For those of you who are wondering, I never could get into that whole starting the entry with “Dear Diary” thing. It always sounded too Anne of Green Gables to me, but hey–kudos if you do!


So, several things:

1. I’m back and will be writing every day again, so yay for you.

2. I’m pregnant.

3. Due May 5th.

4. No, I don’t know what we’re having yet.

5. Again, sorry about the whole April First thing to those of you who know what I’m talking about. But seriously, a pregnancy announcement on April Fool’s Day? C’mon!

6. Yes, I’m actually pregnant.

7. No, I don’t get morning sickness.

8. No, we didn’t just find out today; I’m actually nine weeks along.

9. No, Violet doesn’t have a clue.

10. Yes, we’re very excited.