The End of an Era and Married People Bets

HD 189733 has a Jupiter-class planet in a tigh...

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Last night I was watching the news while I was at the gym. I think it was NBC. Anyway, they said something pretty awesome. Apparently something like a gadzillion miles away they have discovered another planet with similar conditions to earth, meaning it could possibly support life. They are calling it Earth Jr. or the Goldilocks Planet (you know…not to hot, not too cold, just right…and by they I do not mean any of those space scientists or whatever you call them, but probably just a witty news writer with an ear for cheesy segues.)

Which brings me to my point. I think this makes Aliens officially real, AAAAND–we might be aliens. If we discover this planet and go visit it and the natives see us, you can bet your brown dress shoes they’ll be calling us aliens. Besides, who needs brown dress shoes anyway?

So, last night just before falling asleep I was telling AJ about this planet. He was kind of being a pessimist about it.

“It’s not like we’ll ever know–it’s too far away for anything other than mathematical guesses about it.”

“Seriously? I bet people will visit it in our lifetime.”

“No way. I will bet you a million dollars that doesn’t happen.”

“What? You can’t bet money–we’re married, Dumbass! You need to bet something that affects only one of us.”

“What should we bet then…?”

“Ha! Here’s what we’ll bet. If, sorry–when, when astronauts visit this planet, you need  to strip down in a public place and get arrested.”

“You know we’ll probably be pretty old, right?”

“That’s the point….Oh, and you need to grease up all over with body oil like a body builder before.”

“Why please?”

“Because the only thing funnier than a naked old man getting arrested would be a naked greasy old man escaping from a bunch of police officers.”