If you want something done right, do it yourself…

Or, have your husband do it. Yesterday we had the best lobster roll on cape cod. I know, because we’ve had “the best one” and this one was better. AJ has been asking to try his hand at making one ever since we got here, so yesterday he took a shot at improving on awesome. Normal lobster rolls are just cooked lobster tossed with mayonnaise and inside a kaiser roll. If you’re lucky you might get a dusting of oldbay on top.

Here’s what AJ did.

We bought two lobsters at the local grocery store and had them cook it there so we wouldn’t have to heat up our house. As soon as we got home he shelled them, and squeezed a lemon over them and put the shredded meat into the fridge to get cold.

Next, he chopped celery and red bell pepper and added it to the lobster meat. Then he used a 70/30 combination of heavy whipped cream and mayo to make it nice and creamy. Since the cream was plain, he seasoned it to taste with a bunch of old bay seasoning.

We ate it in a buttered and broiled kaiser roll, and it was awesome.


birds+steak+chuck norris=today

Violet loves the beach. She loves the vast expanse of freedom it allows, and the marvel that comes when nothing is off limits or breakable. She loves running back and forth in the surf as she does her best to avoid getting “tagged” by a wave. She loves bringing us handfuls of sand as a present and discreetly placing it in our pockets when we seem less than impressed. Most of all, she loves chasing the birds. The birds in question being ducks, sandpipers, and of course seagulls, treat her as a minor annoyance they could live without and spend most of their time on the beach with one eye fixed on her. That all changed tonight. She discovered that if you throw rocks at them, they think it is food and a bevy of curious ducks spent their evening trying to get close enough to get the food, but not close enough to get hit by a rock. I taught her to throw the rocks. is that bad? I think all the onlookers thought so.

I’ve decided that my favorite time of day here is dusk. It’s my favorite time of day anywhere because I like twilight, and I am not a morning person.  Dusk on the cape after a hot day is the most perfect thing in the world other than new-baby-smell. The water is warm, the sand is soft, the sea breeze caresses with the same wind that just danced in waves, and everyone is grilling steaks so that the whole air becomes one giant concert of beautiful smells. Fire. Steak. Salt air. Flowers. Steak. Juicy steak. I could never be a vegetarian.

Today we went to a newcomers class at the church we are attending here on the cape. I don’t think we fully realized that it was less of a meet-and-greet, and more of a three-hour in-depth overview of the church’s worldview, background, and role in the community. It was very interesting, but there wasn’t really a section where the people who were only going to be staying for another two months could just pop in and just say hi. In the middle of this full-on filling-in-the-blanks session my husband passed me a note. This is what it said.

Chuck Norris is the reason Waldo is missing.



Sometimes, I just really don’t have anything interesting to say…

But that’s mostly just because spending a long day with a toddler and an infant pretty much turns my brain to mush. My creativity has already been spent trying to entertain Violet while we move at the pace set by a three-month old that just wants to eat all the time.  My words have all been spent on monosyllabic commands, no, yes, come here, don’t, please, stopstopstop! At this point, the prospect of structuring an entertaining sentence is more daunting than the evening that remains ahead; feed, read, change, feed, talk, feed, change, bed, feed, sleep, feed, sleep, feed.

“The best use of life is to spend it on something that outlasts it.” -William James



Something very bad has just happened. We made homemade oreos and they were awesome. I’ll blog again with pictures of their awesomness, but for now you can go to the blog i found the recipe at. Incidentally, this is one of the best recipe blogs on the web. everything she makes is good. Next up? Chocolate, beer, and whiskey cupcakes.

The Oreos

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes


Pro’s & Con’s

There are no toilet seat paper covers anywhere here.

No one here can drive.

Everyone here is a really bad driver.

Apparently right-of-way is a fluid concept when driving.

The libraries here are awesome. Huge. Probably because they charge fees…

There are actually a lot of evergreens here on the cape.

Seriously, people here are the worst drivers.

I hate bugs.

The ocean is awesome.

The other day it was really stormy out and I really wanted to see what the water looked like, so I walked with Violet and Henry down to the beach in the afternoon. The sky was a silver-grey and the cloud line was so low you couldn’t see the horizon. The rain was tiny and spitting but since it was coming sideways we were getting wet all over, and the waves were being whipped into a frenzy. I thought Violet would be scared but she loved it. She loves playing tag with the surf and is pretty good at not getting caught by the waves, but every once in a while a big one would come up and splash up around her legs much to her consternation.


No Henry, you may not borrow the car this weekend…

Henry is growing up so fast. Although he did roll over once when he was just a few weeks old I think that was a fluke accident. Today he commenced his career as an officially mobile little person. He’s rolling over for real now. Plus, he scooches on his back by arching his back up and kicking off with his feet. We’re in trouble now…I really do love that baby stage where they cant’ move around. Its so much more convenient. Also, i was keeping him in his carseat while at home so he could sit up and watch the menagerie but now he just scooches all the way out onto the floor. I’ll be in the middle of making dinner and i’ll look over and see him lying on the floor.

He’s also very interested in “talking” and cooing, taking baths, playing with toys and his feet and chewing on anything and everything he can get into his mouth. He still does not sleep through the night, and we’ve recently had a major step back in sleeping because he’s too gigantic to fit into his wrap even though we’ve already gone through one growth spurt where we had to cut the bottom open to let his legs out. we used to wrap him in this fleece blanket thing that velcros tight to swaddle him so that he couldn’t startle himself awake. Unfortunately, since he is now gigantic and spends his time fighting like a cornered wildcat as soon as we try to wrap him instead of sleeping, it looks like he’s going to need to sleep unwrapped in a hurry. Fortunately for him, no matter how rough the night is he wakes up chipper and cute and impossible to resist.

Seriously, lock up your daughters.