Rules to Live By

1. Don’t wear cowboy boots unless you are an actual cowboy.

2. If you must wear them:

  • wear long enough pants. Just because you are wearing boots, does not give you an excuse to wear pants that are too short.
  • don’t wear them all the time–i don’t believe you when you say they’re comfortable.
  • cowboy boots? really?

Anyway, Violet just peed on a pillow. There’s pretty much no scenario where it isn’t funny when a little child pees on the floor–although I might just have a better sense of humor than you. I will agree that there’s rarely anything funny about pooping on the–no, actually that’s funny too. I’m not saying I like it; I’m just saying it’s funny. Remember, If you can’t laugh at yourself–who will?


the introduction

Last night AJ had his first introduction to baby #2. He got kicked in the hand. At nearly 18 weeks, this little baby is verrry active–so much so that we can feel the kicks and rolls on the outside now too. yay!

Secondly, I would like to introduce you to a moment in your life not too far in the future when the stars will align in your kitchen, directly in front of your oven.  Here’s how it happened to me.

It was the beautiful coincidence of eating the best bread of my life which also happened to be the best bread I’d ever made. The recipe is no-knead (is that legal?) and super easy. It takes about 4-5 hours start to finish for rising time and you owe it to yourself to try (and by ” try” I mean succeed masterfully because I don’t think there is a way to mess this one up).

Ok, so I know you’re probably really excited and a little scared right now so I’ll make this simple. Take your mouse and click on the following link. Look at all the beautiful pictures. Make some kick-donkey-hiney bread.

Freaking Amazing and Simple Bread

(i just said “hiney”. haha. )


aaaaand time!

That’s right. with one exception for a gift that has been picked but not purchased, my christmas shopping is all done. I’ve never been the type to buy all my friends presents but with a large extended family, even name drawing adds up.

anyway, today aj and I bought something we’ve been planing on for a long time.




Thanksgiving part 4

Today I am thankful.

I was thankful to watch AJ and Violet slow-dance in the livingroom.

I was thankful for fast-paced games where everyone starts yelling.

I was thankful when I left my kitchen clean and all the turkey undressed before heading out to Thanksgiving dinner.

I was thankful for pecan pie,

pumpkin pie,

apple pie.

I was thankful for tiny kicks.

I was thankful to have parents and in-laws that are married and pushing 27 and 31 years respectively.

I was thankful to see my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s wedding dress.

I was thankful for life,

and love,









Thanksgiving part 3

Yes, I know. Again with the whole thanksgiving thing.

Today I have four things for you.

1. The Pioneer Woman. It’s a blog. Go. read. I’m giving you a link here that will send you to her Thanksgiving menu, in case you need some last-minute tips, ideas, or inspiration. Here’s the thing, you don’t need to have the first clue about cooking to make something gourmet and amazing on her blog because she posts amazing pictures of every step in the process. Don’t be shy–go!


This is the schtuff i put in my turkey brine. This, and some other stuff.


Of course, no explanation should be necessary, but for you Canadians; this is a Pumpkin pie. I put the maple leaves on there ‘specially for you.


Yams. sugar. cinnamon. butter. molasses.


Okay, so I actually had five things for you. This is stuffing.


Last but not least; the results are in and turkey brining works amazing. It was actually quite easy. I made my brine/salty broth and soaked the turkey all day in one of my fridge vegetable bins. It worked so good that even though I waaaay overcooked my turkey the breast is still oozing moistness.


Thanksgiving part 2

Today I’m going to share something you musn’t take lightly. recipes. You have to trust me on this, because you should know by now if you’ve ever tried any of my recipes that I would never lead you wrong. Also Clayre, in answer to your question; we’re not having anyone over, but I make a full Thanksgiving dinner every single year because that’s how much we love Thanksgiving food. Holla! Believe me when I say that coming home to a fridge full of leftovers is (wait for it) Yumazing.

Lastly, I cannot take credit for these–although I would very much like to.

Scalloped Corn Casserole

1 Package Jiffy cornbread mix (8.5 oz)

1 can creamed corn

1 can whole kernel corn

8 oz sour cream

6 Tablespoons melted butter or margarine.

Mix all ingredients and bake in an 8X8 pan at 350 for 35 minutes or till center is set. If you double the recipe, bake 50 minutes in an 9X13 pan. Best served fresh.


Stuffing a la Amazing

2 loaves bread (I like to use 1 white 1 wheat, but make sure you use soft, cheap bread–nothing hearty)

1 medium onion chopped

2-4 stalks of celery diced

1 cup of butter melted

3 1/2 cups of turkey drippings


2 cans chicken broth (use the turkey drippings if at all possible for a better flavor)

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1 1/2 tablespoons oregano or poultry seasoning. (i’ve only ever used oregano)

OPTIONAL: anything else you want (toasted nuts, craisins, chopped apples, etc)

Mix everything by hand in the biggest bowl you can find (seriously). Adjust seasonings to taste (yes, you can taste it “raw”). Bake at 350 in a 9X13 pan till top is golden brown.



pour turkey drippings in a saucepan to the desired amount of gravy. Take a teaspoon of flour for every two cups of drippings (approx.) and mix separately with water or cold drippings till thin enough to pour. gradually pour into the hot drippings while stirring constantly. Adjust thickness with more drippings or flour and add salt or pepper as necessary. I like to make my gravy a little heartier by adding finely chopped dark meat and fat to the gravy and letting it cook.  As long as you add cold, flour mix that’s thin enough to the drippings while stirring constantly you will never ever have lumps. I promise.

disclaimer: you should still do your monthly self exams.


Last but not least: in case you don’t have enough turkey drippings to make you happy, make more in a saucepan of water by adding all the fat, skin, and chopped dark meat and boiling with added salt if necessary.