A day late and a dollar short…

I didn’t blog yesterday. I meant to. Yesterday was 10/10/10. I felt like such an auspicious day deserved a special blog post, but after traipsing around Plymouth all day with one child who has the eating habits of a newborn, and the other whose diaperless ways create extra stress in the form of countless bathroom trips spent silently pleading for pee on my part and singing to hear the echoes on her part.

We did have a great day though, we went to Plimoth Plantation complete with an indian village, the dressed up actors, period houses, chickens, etc. Afterward, we went through a tour of a ship modeled exactly after the original mayflower as it was docked on the Plymouth waterfront. The bonus was that an ice cream shop next to our car was giving away free ice cream to clear out their summer stock before they closed for the year.

Today is two weeks before we come home. yay.