I need to know

have you ever tasted cat poop?

Someone who shall remain nameless at his insistent begging, was telling me a story about eating a warm chocolate chip cookie when he was younger. He said that he was also petting the new kitten and proceeded to lick the chocolate off that he found on his hand before he realized that it was probably cat poop. (The cat wasn’t so good about leaving all of it’s business in the kitty litter box) He also may or may not have crunched down on a piece of kitty litter.

Here’s the thing; he’s not sure. He doesn’t remember what it tasted like–chocolate or something else.

riddle me this:

i need to know


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

That’s right, it’s time for the Seattle Cheese Festival!!!!!!!

Ok, so I like cheese. And Pikes Place Market rife with market-goers laughing over wine-tastings, fish tossings, and cheese-tasting. My only caveat? Don’t wait to go the the bathroom at Pikes Place. The bathrooms are naaaaasty (at least in my experience).

Today AJ put up a fence using this. He’s amazing like that.


Texas to Secede

So apparently the governor of Texas was quoted as saying that Texas could(not necessarily would) secede from the union, during a speech at a tea party rally yesterday.

Dear Texas,

Please don’t secede. If ya’ll left us, we’d be screwed.

Much obliged, Pearl.

In other news, I went wine tasting today. For my brother’s birthday, we went out with him, his girlfriend and my parents to two different wineries in the area. Between the six of us, we bought seven bottles of wine. They were sogood! I really like sweeter wines and dessert wines, although sometimes drier wine is nice with some spicy Italian food. My personal favorite (which I didn’t buy because it was expensive) was this white dessert ice wine, where the grapes are left on the vine until the outside temperature drops to 15 degrees. Only at this point are the grapes harvested and pressed–still frozen. The two wineries we went to were the Carpenter Creek winery and the Pasek Cellars winery. Pasek Cellars is known for their fruit wines, of which they have an amazing selection, including everything from Pineapple to a Late Harvest Voignier–which is made of grapes that have been left on the vine as long as possible to get that vine-ripened sweetness (I bought a bottle of this). Carpenter Creek is more of a wine-drinkers winery with a mostly dry selection, but an amazingly fresh and crisp quality to the wine–not unlike drinking from a mountain spring. So, your task should you choose to accept it: Go on a wine-tasting tour.

Afterwards, we all went a local tavern and had some pan-fried oysters. Yum!

Last but not least: Easter candy is now 75% off. Yay!


An Ode to the Second Day of Spring

Today I bought Violet her first Easter dress. Pink, frilly, girly-girl. On the second day of springtime I bought my sweetie baby, a cute, pink Easter dress that’s frilly…forget the turtle doves.

Today I had some apricot wine. It tasted like the way a perfect summer day should feel. It made me feel like a picnic in a park, out on a lake on a rowboat with a guitar, picking fruit in the shade, wading barefoot, catching fish, long warm evening where the scent of the flowers just linger forever and the frogs all sing in unison. that’s my kind of wine.

Violet is going through a growth-spurt; except this is the kind of growth spurt where she doesn’t sleep through the night= she eats five or six times before “bedtime” is over= her face is getting rounder.

wow. its late.