Don’t try and fool me!

Dear New England Aquarium in Boston,

Please do not advertise that you have a North Atlantic Right Whale in your exhibit. With sizes around 55 feet long and nearly 80 tons, I was very excited. I was especially interested to watch you feed it zooplankton, because I’ve always wanted to see that up close. Needless to say, the tank would have had to have been huge, but that’s also another thing I was looking forward to. Anyway, it is very misleading to list it on your website next to the Moon Jelly and the Green Sea Turtle, because that makes it seem like you actually have it.  I’ll be blunt here, saying that you have a whale on exhibit, when you really mean you have whale watching tours in the nearby harbor is devious trickery of the basest sort.

I will be taking my business elsewhere, thank you very much!

Sincerely, Leg-pulled in washington


Dear Leg-pulled,

It appears you didn’t actually read about our aquarium very much, because you would have found that everythingis actually found in it’s indigenous environment in the ocean. We have glass-bottom boats, where guests can cram together on the floor to see if a stray fish swims by (we’ve been inundated with illegal fishing as of late) or to see if they can see the coral grow. In addition to the whale watching tours, we also have a submarine that we submerge into the harbor. We’ve been baiting it with raw tuna to attract predators, and although we’ve only been seeing errant sea lions every once in a while, we do hope to see a wide range of sea life including, a Lion fish, the American Lobster, a Cownose Ray, the Giant Pacific Octopus, and an Atlantic Harbor Seal. This is the kind of excitement that can last you a lifetime.

Please reconsider your visit, we hope to see you soon,

-The New England Aquarium





So this afternoon, I was at the kitchen sink washing dishes when Violet came up behind me. She tilted her head methodically and bit me on the back of my thigh.


I never did have a problem with prioritizing…

Don’t judge me just because you’re jealous.

in threeish weeks we are going to the east coast for a couple weeks to bask in culture, history, adventure, and…food. That’s right; you say “DC” and I say, “Amazing selections of ethnic foods!” You say, “Philadelphia” and I say “Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches!” You say “New York” and I say “Cheesecake, Pizza, and hotdogs from a street vendor!” You say, “Boston” and I say “Boston cream pie and Boston baked beans.”

Whew! I get hungry just thinking about it. I have no problem admitting that I dearly love great foods. (Key there being great).

I mentioned earlier this year that we were going to Philly to find out once and for all who was better: Pats or Geno\’s cheese steaks sandwiches. Now we have to add Jim\’s because that’s what the locals have told us. We only have one full day in Philly, so that’s going to mean a lot of cheesesteak in a short amount of time. For those of you who are wondering, it’ll be “wit” please!


For the last time!

Again does not rhyme with rain, Spain, or plain.  I’m sorry, it just doesn’t.

At least not around here it doesn’t. I suppose there is the possibility that someone could be misled to the point where they think again and gain are supposed to rhyme and then someone had the cute idea of calling it an accent, but…no. I do like accents though..except for some canadian accents (in some parts of canada) where a word like mauve rhymes with drove instead of suave.

A few summers ago, AJ and I were walking through St. James park on London with our couchsurfing hosts who had just moved to London after growing up in Australia. We asked them what kind of things were different about the UK compared to Australia and they mentioned that there were these funny little rodents everywhere that they had never seen before. Funny little rodents? They told us that the rodents were apparently known as “Squills” and after a couple moments of confusion they saw one under a tree and pointed it out to us. “Ohhhh, Squirrels!” “Yeh, Squills…isn’t that wot oi sed?”


One if by land, two if by sea…

This fall when the leaves change–that’s where I’ll be. D.C, Philly, and Boston.

We are budget travellers, but we know how to treat ourselves right, so right now we are in the planning stage where we network, pit airlines and hotels against each other, and look up fun places to see. When we went to Europe, we followed the advice and tips of Rick Steves , so we are looking around to see who/what can give us tips for the east coast. We will look into couchsurfing again, as long as we can find some non-creepy people to stay with, as well as AOR/KOA look-alike possibilities.

One thing is for sure: We plan on finding and eating the finest Boston Cream pie in Boston, comparing the two best Philly Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, and whatever food is significant in originating from D.C. Any ideas?