Here’s my two cents.

Okay, you’re right–it’s always more than two cents by the time I get done. Lucky for you, this is a blog so it’s actually free. yay.

If I could have it my way, people would be writing their autobiographies and self-help books at the beginning of their lives, instead of after they’ve experienced life.

People often joke about issues in life as being the kind of thing that turns out completely different than you first pictured it. You’ve probably heard the saying “Everyone is an expert on parenting until they become a parent.” Why is that? Do you truly discover you were wrong in your first assessment, or is it more a matter of weakening resolve, waning motivation, and less sleep?

Truth be told, everyone loves becoming a sage cynic in some way or another.

“Yeah, I used to think we’d never get in fights over stupid little things and not apologize, but real life is a lot more complicated.”

“I never thought I’d yell at my kid in the grocery store, but you have no idea how mad I was.”

“I always thought I’d live for adventure and my dreams, but I’m too comfortable in the lifestyle I’ve worked so hard for.”

Seriously people, write your book and stick with it. You were right the first time.


Deep Thoughts

Tonight AJ and I were watching Scrubs. They were talking about death and how in the end…all you can really hope for is that your last thought is a good one.

What? How is “I wish for world hunger to end,” better than “Crap! I forgot to put my gas cap back on!

I can’t imagine life without any hope of heaven. If all we really boil down to is our own thoughts and our own self…that’s sad. It’s not that I refuse to believe this possibility, and protect my psyche with a hope for Heaven; I just happen to know there’s much more to life than this/here/now. Not hope…know.


Game Time

When AJ and I play cards together, we gloat over each other terribly. We just finished playing “Phase Ten,” a card game like rummy with ten different rounds. It went something like this.

Round One: AJ wins. “Oh yeah! Sucka Foo’! Can’t Touch This!”

Round Two: I let AJ win again. “AAAAAAnd that’s what I’m talking about! Ha!”

Round Three: I win. “Oh Yeah, you wish you could have played as good as I just did!”

I’m sure you get the idea. In the end, AJ won this set (closely), and after a kiss and smile to show each other we never meant all the mean things we had just  finished saying, we packed away the cards.

I just realized that a preliminary glance at the title of this post might make you think I was writing about the upcoming Super Bowl. oi. The only(only) time I actually cared who won that humanistic display of materialism and decaying cultural ideals was when my home team, the Seahawks went a few years back. I promise not to go off on a tangent here about how the game was stolen by terrible (terrible) calls, resulting in a deep depression that smote the larger Seattle area for some time.  Great. Now I am writing about the Super Bowl.


This is where I stand…

         My hope is built on nothing less
	than Jesus' blood and righteousness.
	I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
	but wholly lean on Jesus' name. 

	On Christ the solid rock I stand,
	all other ground is sinking sand;
	all other ground is sinking sand.

Text: Edward Mote, 1797-1874
Music: William B. Bradbury, 1816-1868

Thats where I stand...thats where I stand.
Today of all days, thats where I stand.

news flash

No one deserves to have a baby. No one.  The enormity of potential is almost too much grace for one screwed-up individual like me to comprehend. What did I ever do right enough to deserve a chance like this? Being a parent is a huge vote of confidence from God–He knows I can do this. As I listen to her gurgle-coos in the playpen behind me as she attempts to lick the mesh walls, I am reminded of the many ways God steps in and crafts my story like an allegory of His own. The parent-child relationship holds too many similarities to Fatherhood of God that I see displayed throughout history and indeed my own life, for me not to be humbled and challenged by this new extension of Grace.


Dinner time

Here’s what’s cookin’:

“Spaghetti Spaghetti Squash”
serves 3-4
1 Spaghetti squash split in half lengthwise and the seeds scooped out.
1 can/jar of spaghetti sauce.
3 dashes of Parmesan cheese.

Cook the squash in the oven covered with foil at 350 till soft inside 1-2 hours. fluff with fork and remove from the rind into a pot.
Add 1-2 tablespoons butter while separating the “spaghetti” strands with a fork. Pour sauce over the top and heat on low on the stove top.
Sprinkle parmesan cheese over the top.

That’s what i’m making…this keeps really well too–making it ideal for dinner the night before and lunch the next day.
Serve with garlic bread and salad if you choose.

Mostly i can’t think of a whole lot to say for today’s post. Violet is learning to crawl (exciting!), she just barfed all over me, i’ve been home all day, etc.


Overheard in the bathroom at The Old Spaghetti Factory

“Because it isn’t nice to walk around in restaurants with your pants down–that’s why.”

I heard this through the stalls while a mom was talking to her small daughter who evidently had no interest in pulling her pants back up after going to the bathroom.

“Because it isn’t nice.”

The alternate title to this post could also have been “Phrases You Never Thought You’d Say.”

Sounds like something my mom would have said…probably something I’ll find myself saying someday.