Wowza! I’m tired tired tired.

Not too tired however, to include this awesome quote from Blessong my brother.

“Do you guys have a dictionary for pig latin?”

I love it.

In baby news, Violet now has 4 teeth. She finally got the fourth one in on Thursday, and she’s already teething again. She’s also still not walking, but stands on accident when she forgets to sit. Won’t be long now I’m thinking.


new tooth, another celebrity look-alike, and a recipe link

in case you like surprises, don’t read the title–it gives away EVERYTHING!

So, first things first. Violet got her third tooth in last night while she slept soundly in her bed all the whole night through. I’ll take more of that, please! Last night at bathtime I checked for new teeth and there were none, but this morning over breakfast cereal, the spoon scraped against that new little top tooth. Let the biting commence.

For this next paragraph, I would like to start off by saying that I do not think Will Ferrell is funny. While I can appreciate dumb humor, I have no room in my life for infantile humor. You Elf fans out there, I do not understand you. That being said, so many people think my husband looks like him.  The resemblance is veryslight in my opinion, but I can somewhat see it when I’m thinking about it. That’s what made this afternoon’s trip to Target so funny. AJ and I were in the checkout line and after rummaging in my purse for AJ’s wallet (he doesn’t like to carry it) I looked up at the cashier to find that she was staring at the two of us with a quizzical half-smile. It was that kind of look that says, “Wait, is this for real?”

“You, um…you look like Dane Cook!”

“Huh? Never heard that before.”

We finished our transaction and left her staring after us looking as if she was waiting for the hidden camera crew to jump out and AJ to say something like, “Hey, you’re right! I am Dane cook.”

we laughed at her.

(FYI: Dane Cook is a lame actor and comedian)

Ok, so I realize that you are in need of that recipe link about now. Here it is: The Kick You In The Face Enchiladas. Make them…or at least read the post.

And now, for those of you that like surprises but read the title of this blog before you read the first sentence…

This morning I was telling AJ a story about playing with Violet the day before, but stopped when I realized that my next sentence involved the following phrase, “…and then I went up on my hind legs…”


To Do List

not in this order…

go downstairs and get fruit salad stuff together

give the baby a bath

start laundry

set out clothes for tomorrow

read That Hideous Strengthwith AJ

stock diaper bag

cheerios in a baggy

take the bag of cotton balls away from the baby

digest mexican dinner

play with Violet to wear her out

Ha! I just looked and Violet has panty lines. I’m not even sure how that’s possible.

She now has two teeth, by the way…

Anyway, this random post goes out to the people using the black markers to write on the cardboard in the hallway while the wind was funnelling the fumes directly onto the stage where I was standing. Thanks guys.


It’s Official!

Violet has her first tooth! Two days before her 9-month birthday, the first little tooth sees the light of day. So weird to picture her with teeth…

There are fewer things cuter than watching her shriek and squirm with excitement when we take her clothes off and carry her to the bathtub.

I bought Violet some sparkly little dress shoes to wear with her cute Easter dress today. We were at this little baby-clothes consignment store in our town, and there was a little boy–about three or four–who was talking to her in their own special language. She was so excited.

So I have this problem. I lose stuff. Not “lose” as in “where are my shoes?” but more like my alter-ego is a kleptomaniac. I have issues with putting things away and not having any idea what I was doing. Case in point: once, I found the head of cabbage that I was going to use for dinner, in the freezer…frozen. Other times, it will be the peanut butter in the fridge, or the mayo in the cupboard. The other day we were missing the honey and I honestly figured the freezer was as good a place to look as any.

So here’s what I don’t understand. Pirates? Really? huh. This is 2009, right? And another thing, why isn’t a US ship off the coast of Somalia armed to the gills? But pirates roving the open seas? Are we devolving or something? If we really are going back to the days of one-eyed peg-legged pirates the good news is that we now have technology on our side. Next time, lets blast those suckers out of the water with a nuclear sub. Not even the parrot will be able to avoid that one.


day 4 of amazingness

so, the best part about great weather? AJ goes snowboarding and comes home with the worlds best goggle burn. meaning that all the exposed skin on his face is bright red. I’ve been making fun of him all evening to break him in gently for the guffaw that is sure to meet him when he walks in the door at work tomorrow.

Also: Violet almost has teeth. This time it’s for real. I can just see them under the gums–all white and tiny. The two bottom front ones for the benefit of the Grandmas.

Today we had a playdate with Kristin and Emery while AJ and Gerad were out snowboarding. Last time Violet and Emery were together, he was pushing her around and all over her, but this time was different. Partly due to her practicing babywrestlemaniawith her friend Isla, but also due to the fact that Emery had just woken from a nap and the poor unsuspecting kid was eating a cereal bar. Violet has a “no holds barred” fighting policy when it comes to getting food from someone. In general, she was much more impressed by him than he was of her.

I’ve just looked outside and the clouds are starting to roll in. Too bad. It was nice while it lasted; Violet and I even got to be barefoot in the park today. Of course, when I was younger I was barefoot all the time–which explains the three-inch scar on my foot I guess. Not that it stopped me; I remember having races with my brothers to see who could run the farthest from the house in the wintertime, which now strikes me as a sick contest, but we were tough kids–or at least that’s what we were going for.


I think the tooth fairy skipped our house…

Violet still has no teeth. nada.

New Rule (for everyone): Just Because the Carpool Lane is Not the Other Other Fast Lane, Doesn’t Mean it’s the Other Other Slow Lane.  I’m just saying.

You ever think up new things and wish you could make your ideas a reality? Like flying cars, for instance. Mine? Fart Bells. Thats right, Fart Bells. I have this theory that if everyone knew how much everyone around them in public farted, people might fart less in public. or something like that. Here’s how it would work: A bell over the intercom or on the wall that goes off anytime anyone in the room farts. People could maintain their anonymity, but we’d all know that someone had just farted. seriously, if you’d been at my family’s house tonight–that bell would have been ringing off the hook!