Baby Rule

I’m certain of this: just because that spot of gunk stuck to the carpet won’t come up with the vacuum cleaner, doesn’t mean it stands a chance with the determined, tenacious picking of a patient baby. Eww.

Murphy’s Law: Just because a baby is sick and cranky and tired, doesn’t mean she will want to sleep at all. At all.

Things I Wish I’d Known Before: She’s better at this…yes, I’m being outsmarted by a baby.


Quote of the day: “Hmm! I have a white chest hair that I can see!” Thank you, AJ.


Personal Confession

I finished my first Sudoku puzzle today. Not to be confused with “Soduko” or “Sukodu” or “Dukosu” for those of you who can never remember how to pronounce it.  Yes, I may have had to look at the answer key…a few times. I had always thought it involved adding numbers or subtracting or some combination of all the problem solvers in basic math, and the answers would never match up for me, which was frustrating. Now that I know how “easy” it is, my self-esteem has improved dramatically. Anyway, this is boring. Don’t blame me; I just spent a car trip home with a baby screaming hysterically…still a little shell-shocked.


HUGE Disappointment

So, yesterday i had this great idea for a new invention while AJ and I were driving down the road. Aftermarket heated seatcovers. I already had the first prototype designed in my head by the time we got home. Good thing I decided to google them first, right? They are all over the Internet. apparently someone thought of my idea first. Man, if I had been born 50 years earlier, I could have invented so so so many things! Like the computer! oh well.


the sad kind

quote of the day: (from my husband)

“I have a sneeze in the back of my nose, you know–the sad kind.”

“The sad kind?”

“The sad kind of sneeze that just teases”

in other news, AJ is officially hot. make that hott.

So apparently, the first two games in the new Yankee Stadium this spring will be sold at the same prices they were sold at when Babe Ruth played there. $.25 for bleacher seats and $1.10 for grandstand. Let me just say this, if i had a penny for every homeless person that attends those two games, i’d be rich. Plus, they have all the time in the world to wait in line–i mean, what else are they going to do, go to work?