5 Things You May or May Not Know

  1. mikes hard mango punch is worth every penny.
  2. you can get sunburns on top of other sunburns.
  3. murphy’s law is real. just ask AJ’s dad and his boat.
  4. it is possible to go an entire day without realizing your underwear are on inside out.
  5. i got a best of show ribbon at the local fair for this picture.


i don’t see it, but i’m not about to look this gift horse in the mouth.


Several things…

First off…today is the first day I had more than 50 visitors to my blog; 52 to be exact. Who are these people? creepy…

Secondly, because I’m so vain…look at this picture I took:


Thirdly, and most importantly: I need to know if I’m weird for not washing my feet. I mean, I wash them after a dusty summer day at the fair wearing flipflops…but otherwise they seem to get cleaned quite well just in the shower. Which leads me to the question of the day.

Answer me, people!