I got a box of Matzo crackers the other day. They’re kosher crackers used in the celebration of Passover or sometimes broken up and used in church communions. When I was young, my mom always used to buy a bunch after Easter when they would always go on sale and we would eat them with our soup like saltines. Anyway, the whole point of Passover food is that it reminds us of the spartan meal eaten on the first Passover, so I find it pretty funny to see recipes for decadent kosher banana split cakes on the back of Matzo cracker boxes. I’m just saying…someone missed the point here.

So, personal soapbox moment here. To The Lady at The Baby Clothes Store: Why are you trying to sell me a $20 pair of baby shoes for my daughter? Lemme ‘splain something here. I’m cheaper than a bankrupt Jew; if I rarely spend $20 on my own shoes which are not in danger of being outgrown, what makes you think I’m going to spend that on a baby that doesn’t walk? I’m just saying…

Which leads me to another tangent. Anyone who advertises that their baby shoes make it easier for babies to walk, or that the “memory foam insole” will provide a soft cushion for little feet–is taking you for a ride. R-I-D-E. I’m just saying…


Twitter tweets are for birds

and self-absorbed narcissists. Do you Twitter? Please stop. Everyone, please stop! This media darling needs to be disposed of the old-fashioned way, back before people thought everyone cared about what they ate for lunch or how mad they are at their cable company. The hottest new Twitter phase? Celebrity tweets; because you really do need to know what J-Lo, Scar-Jo, and Li-Lo are thinking–right now.

I applaud the inventors of this idea; they give us an intimate pulse on sunken societal values, where a “Me-First” generation can truly appreciate the art of self.


Soapbox Moment

You know those little Valentines conversation hearts? How did they ever get to be so lame? Case in point: “U R Mine”, “You Rule”, or “Email Me.” I even saw some like “Forget It” or “No Way!”

Dear Maker of Valentines Day Conversation Hearts,

Why are you so afraid of becoming irrelevant, that you insist on using “trendy” phrases that are no longer in circulation? Seriously, no one says “You Rock” anymore. They just don’t, and even if they do, its kind of tongue-in-cheek. Okay, so maybe they say it occasionally, but that gives you no excuse to try writing it on a candy heart just because it fits.


oi. Yes, I know Valentines Day is like 2 weeks ago, but thats just about the time I buy holiday candy.

Interesting Fact: If you come to my house and you eat an Oreo for dessert and then drop some on the floor–the baby will find it. And she will thoroughly eat every last crumb she can find. Whats the point of vacuuming?



at 5:25 this morning. not even kidding. It only lasted a second or so, which is boring, but i prefer boring when it comes to natural disasters.

Personal Soapbox Moment: Velveeta is not cheese, and should never be compared price-wise against tillamook medium cheddar…or any medium cheddar…or any cheese for that matter.

baby news: Violet ate cheerios this evening. her response? “Meh..”