Snapshot into my day…

Sitting on the grass at Volunteer park,

eating watermelon.

Violet is charming some of my cousins.

My Dad is eating his birthday cake and telling a story to his brother.

AJ is trying to fend of the watergun attacks of my little brothers.

My Mom and my aunts are deep in conversation.

Angel is talking to my cousin about her new baby.

Trustin is showing off his burn to Obey.

Shown is hovering over Violet.

3 picnic tables

lots of sunshine

lots of food

lots of green grass.

4 very sick squirrels.

(maybe we were feeding them…cake…and frosting. they were very bold and came right up close so that one of my brothers wiped frosting on one who sat licking it off for quite a while.)


today in a nutshell

wake up early, courtesy of the baby

head out to drop Violet off at the grandparent’s house

shopping at old navy

watch star trek (good)

home with the baby to take showers and get gussied up

swing by starbucks

mocha frappuccino

drive to wedding destination

watch my brother play the processional at my cousin’s wedding

Aerol and Amy sing a song together–impressive, i’ve never seen the bride and groom do that before

Violet eats grass

visiting with friends and family









drive home in the dark as the fingers of the night reach to cool the horizon


Garage sale-ing

Here’s what I got at garage sales today.

a cute little birdhouse for $.50

a flower pot for $1.00

a game about the stock market for $.50

three little square ikea mirrors for $.10 each

a decorative plate hanger for $.25

When garage sale-ing (as in thriftstore-ing) I have to remind myself that just because it’s a good price doesn’t mean I need it.

Side note: I heart  Dove Dark Chocolate singles.


I probably should have stopped her…

but she was having so much fun!

Today Violet ate a piece of tulle–otherwise known as the kind of fabric used in wedding veils. It was a smallish piece that she stuffed in her mouth before I could catch her, and she had quite a time swallowing it but I was pretty sure she couldn’t choke on it and there was nothing I could do once she had it down her throat anyway, so I just sat there and watched my seven-month old daughter make the faces a cat does when it’s hacking up a hairball. Fun!

Today: we stayed inside all day (not fun) waiting for the UPS that never showed up. she took a nap in her crib after getting up with me at 5am. I assembled three wedding veils for my sister-in-law’s wedding. we played “Pat-a-Cake”. when AJ got home from work, we had brown rice stirfry with carrots, celery, onions and scrambled egg. next, Violet is taking a bath–and she’ll know it as soon as I take all her clothes off in the bathroom. She gets SO (so) excited. After that, she goes to her own bed (please) and AJ and I will read Perelandra by the venerable Lewis.