Supreme or Pepperoni?

“But I thought you liked all the sausage and peppers and stuff?”

My dad shrugged nonchalantly as I scrutinized his face in search of some hidden clue that would tell me which piece of pizza he really wanted. ]

It was such a simple gesture, but I remember so clearly the way it impacted my hope to one day be as good a parent as he was. I was out running errands with my dad one weekend when I was in highschool, and we’d swung by Costco for lunch where he grabbed a piece of supreme and a piece of pepperoni pizza. I think he thought I would prefer the pepperoni,  but as soon as we were out to the car he asked me to pick which one I wanted, and I picked the supreme, but only after I was sure he actually prefered the pepperoni.

It wasn’t until the pizza was all eaten and we were almost home that it occurred to me that my dad had pulled a fast one on me. Of course he preferred supreme to pepperoni. Besides the obvious fact that the pepperoni used on pizzas may or may not actually be a meat product, no self-respecting Borthwick is going to take a pizza with thin rounds of meat for topping when you can choose from one that has thin rounds of meat, plus peppers, sausage, olives, and onions, etc.

I remember thinking to myself that someday I wanted to be just like that. It definately takes help from the Man upstairs to perfect the art of selflessness.

I didn’t really have anything else meaning full to say. I was sitting at a stoplight this afternoon when I remembered that story and the way I felt the day my father beat me at my own selfless game.