There’s one in every room

That’s right. You’ve just walked into an air-conditioned room; glistening with sweat and looking like you’ve just been run over by a steam iron. “It‘s Soo hot outside,” you say to no one in particular. “Really? I actually love this weather! I just wish I wasn’t stuck in an air-conditioned building and could get out in the sun!” You give the chipper receptionist a withering look. “You! Get. Out. Now! I don’t care if I’m your boss or not! You go outside and you stay outside until you’re sorry you ever wished for hot weather.”

I’m convinced that it’s the people that get to stay inside all day with air conditioning and were raised in California that secretly pray for hot weather all summer just to make the rest of us miserable.


yes, I like the cold.

Yes, I realize I live in Washington and that my state touches Canada, and that we are in no danger of getting any closer to the Equator. However, I love my air conditioner.

My perfect temperature is 67 degrees with a slight wind, and blue skies with patchy mounds of clouds. Translation? 80 degrees makes me want to sit in an ice-bath with all the lights turned off. The only downside to appreciating cooler weather, is that my body knows my aversion to direct sunlight and promptly refuses to tan.