It’s fitting, really

Today is the fourth of July. Violet was due a year ago today, so I guess it’s fitting that she should decide to start walking. It’s very very cute.

I also wanted to gloat about buying cheese to support my cheese obsession. I took a picture to prove to you that in my fridge right now, I have pepper jack, colby jack, aged white cheddar, medium cheddar, colby–all two pounders, all tillamook. I can’t refuse a good deal when it has to do with cheese. (the picture is still on my camera because it’s downstairs and i’m lazy)

I wish I had the time an energy to blog about the significance of this day to me–I am a patriot after all, but it’s been a long day, and tomorrow is looking the same.

Good night, and have a happy summer!



They finally fixed the sign! (if you clicked on that link, you’d know what I was talking about.) I know it’s not a big deal, but finding typos makes my day.

I just realized that the fourth of july is on saturday. Yes, I have a calendar.

This will probably date me, but the first time I remember noticing what year it was, was 1991.

“Mom, what year is it?”

“Go look at the calendar!”

I remember thinking to myself, “Oh yeah…the calendar!”

Incidentally, 1991 was the same year I played hide-and-seek with my cat and forgot about her in the dryer for three days, the year I learned how to squash tomato horn worms between two rocks, and the year my brother and I chased the mute moscovy ducks till they quacked.