He is Risen Indeed!

Yay for Easter!

Not yay for having two Easter lunches and stuffing my fat face.

Yay for Violet in her cute Easter dress though.

again, not yay for having to go on a dry-bread-and-water fast next week.

One of the fun/not so fun parts of having a small house is periodically getting to play the furniture puzzle game, where everything gets rearranged  and shuffled in yet another attempt to pretend that our house is bigger than it is.

The Memory of the Day I’m Most Likely to Need Therapy For: getting mooned by two of my brothers. Thanks guys, I bet you didn’t know Dad was watching too. Ha! Joke’s on you.

Deep Thought: The more I watch free-will in action, the more I realize how awesome (as in freaking scary) of a gift it is. Sometimes life is like a desperate Shakespearean tragedy, where you understand just how bittersweet everything  is only after you’ve seen the part where you realize that even in the best-case-possible scenario–someone has to pay the price. For those of you just tuning in; we’re not talking about Free Willy.


Deep Thoughts

Tonight AJ and I were watching Scrubs. They were talking about death and how in the end…all you can really hope for is that your last thought is a good one.

What? How is “I wish for world hunger to end,” better than “Crap! I forgot to put my gas cap back on!

I can’t imagine life without any hope of heaven. If all we really boil down to is our own thoughts and our own self…that’s sad. It’s not that I refuse to believe this possibility, and protect my psyche with a hope for Heaven; I just happen to know there’s much more to life than this/here/now. Not hope…know.