Will someone please tell me what the big deal is with Bugles? (the chip things you can put on the ends of your fingers). I bought some today, and I am seriously not impressed.

Also, rolling chocolate chip cookies in coconut before baking is amazing.

Last but not least:  When we were at that Fiction Family concert last night, one of the songs was called something like “Please Don’t Call This Love”. At this announcement, someone from the audience shouted out “That’s what she said!” Thank you, Michael Scott.


the stuff of science fiction

Last night I stood on the balcony of a crowded room. All the people below me were seated in rows of folding chairs, and the room rumbled with dim conversations in the flickering light of the disco ball. It was the strangest thing; most people were peering in the half-light at a small glowing screen in their hands. Some of the screens were different shades of yellow and green, and some were different sizes–but all their users seemed completely absorbed with the content on that screen . Those who were talking to one another were referring to something on their screen. Sometimes cell phones creep me out.

side note. Smells are a big deal to me. The crowd last night smelled just the way a crowd should smell–not so much evocativeof a bunch of people crammed together in a room but of anticipation and excitement and great memories in the making.