Things of interest pertaining to the events of my day

First things first: Today when I was changing Violet’s diaper, I found a refrigerator magnet in her diaper…that she swallowed. We have a magnetic poetry set where you arrange words and letters to make phrases and Violet swallowed the letter “s”. Needless to say, we are now missing one of our s’s.

Secondly, Violet started legitimately waving today. Before she would raise her hand up in the air your direction in the solemn, reserved sort of way that the Amish might wave. This morning when we got up to drive AJ to work at 4:30, she was in a great mood despite the hour and started doing the opening-closing-hand wave to AJ while he was brushing his teeth. Too freakin’ cute!

Last but not least: one bad thing and one good thing. The bikini stand in Smokey Point started advertising girls wearing pasties. If you don’t know what a pasty is, please don’t google it to find out–it’s basically a glorified band-aid. Who want’s to picket with me and Violet? Good news; an espresso stand on the way to my house advertised this:


Makes me want to buy coffee from them.

side note: the spell check on wordpress is screwed up. It will take part of a word and tell you it is misspelled. Case in point: bikini. Spell check will only underline “kini” and then give me all these ways to correctly spell the word, like  kin, keen, kind, king. Very helpful.


Super Heros: they’re not just for comic books anymore.

Here’s  how good  we are. Today, AJ changed Violet’s diaper while I was nursing her, in the car. That’s right, treasure’s in heaven baby.

On a completely unrelated subject, I have a major problem with the recent influx of bikini baristas. While out and about, we drove by two stands today. Both had been refigured (no pun intended) to include full length windows, and the skimpy little baristas who were probably much younger than you and I, left me finding that the only thing I could appreciate was that they at least weren’t wearing pasties. Seriously people? What is wrong with this culture when (I feel like) no one is flipping out about this like I am?

From a economic standpoint, they should at least be in the same tax bracket as the rest of the sex industry, because you’d be hard pressed to show me how they aren’t a part of it. They also shouldn’t be allowed to serve minors, or people with minors in their car. It is completely ludicris to think that it’s ok for someone to drive up to a bikini, or worse yet, a pasty stand with children in the back.

Don’t get me wrong; I have no problem (well, no big problems) with bikinis. I find it mostly normal and acceptable to go to the beach on a summer day and find girls in bikinis. The problem comes when the girls in the bikini’s are then in a full-window coffee stand and are wearing those bikinis for the benefit of their creeper customers to objectify them for perverted sexual pleasure.

And another thing, aren’t coffee stands good places to get robbed? How are bikini’s supposed to help this problem?

From a personal and social standpoint, two things really piss me off here. One: who ever said it was a good idea to put a bikini stand in Smokey Point? Don’t they know this isn’t the red light district? They may be selling coffee instead of themselves, but we all know the real specials aren’t on the menu. Two: someone really dropped the ball here, in regards to these girls. Where did they learn that it was okay to serve coffee to leering customers in return for better tips? C’mon! They can’t be that good! I get the feeling from “kids these days” that they can dress any way they want because it’s their body/the human form is beautiful and should be enjoyed/there are no consequences for silly stuff like this. You’d be surprised how much silly trouble you can get into with that attitude. I heard a quote the other day that kind of wraps up my point. Modest girls are the hottest girls. Sex and sensuality are not meant to be the hors d’oeuvres served to the drop-in visitors, but maybe they’re more meant to be like the glass of red wine enjoyed by the keeper of the house at the end of the day.


3 Things

1. My sister-in-law is labor right now. So far Violet only has boy cousins, so we are hoping for a girl. C’mon Megan, think pink!

2. I–and by association, Violet–had the greatest sugar/caffeine high ever today. I got a white chocolate mocha at starbucks, and I felt so amazing afterwards that I seriously wonder what drugs they slipped me. I drank it at 5:30, and by the time AJ got home at six, both Violet and I were literally bouncing off the walls in euphoric caffeinated delight. Since we felt so incredible, we took an amazing walk  and played at the totally awesome park next to our house. AJ was bemused.

3. Today Violet and I went to Target with my sister Angel. Naturally, Angel and I went into the toy section to play with baby dolls and see what Violet thought of them. Prepare to be creeped out; baby dolls aren’t what they used to be. Check this out. (Seriously, just click on the link so you’ll know what I’m talking about). If toy manufacturers ever want a good gauge on whether or not they’ve gone too far, they should ask a real baby. Violet would have nothing to do with them. (There’s tons of different types, and we played with them all). She kept a pretty sharp eye on them, but would not touch them or even crack a smile–just very seriously surveyed the shelves of creepy cooing babies.  Makes me want to get some; one goes in the bathroom, another in front of the stairs, still another in the pantry. They could be marketed as “Mommy’s Creepy Little Helper.”