Repeat Offender

Violet pooped in the tub…again. This is officially the third time. It was cute the first time. Actually, it was cute this time too, because she pooped and then saw her poop in the water and got scared of it.

The not cute part? getting her cleaned up so fast and downstairs for the rest of the day so that I forgot to clean the tub. till now. it dried

she pooped

while splashing in the tub

i laughed

and bundled her in a towel

after a dip in the sink

dressed and clean

mom forgot

the poop was still there


it dries…

there, a mock haiku.


Babies are Great

Violet just pooped in the tub…for the second timeĀ in just a few weeks. oi.

Taking baths is great when you’re a baby. I remember using the bath like a slip-n-slide; now I can only lie with my knees bent. The not-so-fun part I remember was watching the bathtub drain if I was still in it. I’d seen what happened to the stuff in the toilet when it flushed–why would I want to sit inside a giant flushing tub?