haha! wait…

When I was a little girl I remember a friend of my mom’s telling her that it would make her laugh to spank her children because the sight of madly flailing legs over her knee struck her as being funny. She didn’t spank often because of this. Now I understand.

This morning while we were getting ready for church, Violet was getting in to the bathroom cupboards (a favorite pastime). AJ put everything back,  closed the cupboard door, and the following exchange ensued.

“No, no Violet! come to Daddy.”


And with that, she opened the cupboard again in the petulant indignance only a baby can muster. We were so caught off guard that punishing her was the furthest thing from our minds.

“Oh my gosh!!!!! Did she just say that?!”

“That was so freaking adorable!!!”


No, no.

Today I was with a bunch of moms at this conference for an organization that rhymes with Nops. There’s something great about getting a bunch of mom’s together in one room where you start to see pretension and facades slip away. I think knowing that everyone else in that room has had thatday, helps create a sense of camaraderie and puts people at ease. Case in point: a friend and I were meeting people from different groups in an attempt to be social before the conference started. One lady in particular was just finishing up telling us where her group was from when she said this: “Well, I have to go potty, so I’ll catch you later.” Potty?C’mon lady! You’re an adult, surrounded by…adults!  Potty? Using baby-versions of words that you taught your children because they didn’t have the skills to form the real words yet is a huge “no, no”.


It’s Official!

Violet has her first tooth! Two days before her 9-month birthday, the first little tooth sees the light of day. So weird to picture her with teeth…

There are fewer things cuter than watching her shriek and squirm with excitement when we take her clothes off and carry her to the bathtub.

I bought Violet some sparkly little dress shoes to wear with her cute Easter dress today. We were at this little baby-clothes consignment store in our town, and there was a little boy–about three or four–who was talking to her in their own special language. She was so excited.

So I have this problem. I lose stuff. Not “lose” as in “where are my shoes?” but more like my alter-ego is a kleptomaniac. I have issues with putting things away and not having any idea what I was doing. Case in point: once, I found the head of cabbage that I was going to use for dinner, in the freezer…frozen. Other times, it will be the peanut butter in the fridge, or the mayo in the cupboard. The other day we were missing the honey and I honestly figured the freezer was as good a place to look as any.

So here’s what I don’t understand. Pirates? Really? huh. This is 2009, right? And another thing, why isn’t a US ship off the coast of Somalia armed to the gills? But pirates roving the open seas? Are we devolving or something? If we really are going back to the days of one-eyed peg-legged pirates the good news is that we now have technology on our side. Next time, lets blast those suckers out of the water with a nuclear sub. Not even the parrot will be able to avoid that one.