more great things about childhood that adults sometimes miss

  1. falling asleep on the way home and having someone carry you up to bed
  2. shooting someone with your finger and having them actually “die”
  3. jello jigglers
  4. staying up past bedtime
  5. surprises
  6. party hats
  7. riding on someones shoulders
  8. blowing dandelion heads
  9. lemonade stands
  10. digging to china
  11. making tunnels in dirt for cars to drive though
  12. “shooting” things and making the sound effects
  13. sword fights with sticks
  14. birthdays
  15. playing with your food
  16. trying to walk in a certain pattern across tiled floors in grocery stores
  17. having a dollar to spend any way you want
  18. sledding
  19. getting to ride in the front of a grocery cart
  20. getting up really early on Christmas morning after staying up as late you can the night before.

No, no.

Today I was with a bunch of moms at this conference for an organization that rhymes with Nops. There’s something great about getting a bunch of mom’s together in one room where you start to see pretension and facades slip away. I think knowing that everyone else in that room has had thatday, helps create a sense of camaraderie and puts people at ease. Case in point: a friend and I were meeting people from different groups in an attempt to be social before the conference started. One lady in particular was just finishing up telling us where her group was from when she said this: “Well, I have to go potty, so I’ll catch you later.” Potty?C’mon lady! You’re an adult, surrounded by…adults!  Potty? Using baby-versions of words that you taught your children because they didn’t have the skills to form the real words yet is a huge “no, no”.