Epic Before/After of an Entire House

Hello Internet. So, long story short–just like the trip to cape cod two years ago, we’re off for a few months to travel the world, namely–Portland. And by Portland i mean Beaverton, which is pretty close to Portland. Anyway, so remember that house that we bought and renovated last spring? Since it’s officially now reached that auspicious age of being a century, decade, year, month, day, old, i figured it was time i showed ya’ll some pictures. Of course, being the classic procrastinators that we are, AJ and I left all the little detail parts of the home renovation until the last month before we left. Suffice to say, October was a pretty insane month for us with moving, getting housing lined up here, packing, and checking all the final renovation projects off the list. I don’t care to ever repeat that month again.

When I took these pictures, we were on at least a week straight of putting the kids to bed and staying up till the wee hours of the next day working on projects. Anyone who doesn’t have young kids will recognize that they never sleep in…a truly unfortunate trait that I intend to remind them of when they’re teenagers. With that in mind, please don’t judge my pictures too harshly. In looking back at them, I realized I seemed to have a strange fascination with ceilings and avoiding taking pictures of entire rooms–just details. So irritating, but I’ll let myself off the hook because I had just gotten to the house for the night of work after falling asleep in a guest bedroom during a Halloween party. Yes, in the middle of a Halloween party I went upstairs and promptly fell asleep. Oh, and it wasn’t in my house. So basically, think nice thoughts about my pictures.

Front of the house.

Side of the house. You’ll be happy to know that “garden box” is no longer there.

Back of the house. The changes we made on the exterior were relatively small, new windows, fixed roof issues, new trim, painted, removed the chimney, new gutters, new patio, new front door.

You can just see the tip of the old, broken patio in the “before” picture.

This is the backdoor entrance/laundry room. The burlap curtain and the stacked appliances really changed this room. Burlap has tons of texture and visual weight while still allowing tons of natural light through from the window behind.

I know, right? I think it’s safe to say that If you can see it, it’s new. I wish I had included some of the floor in this picture. Suffice to say, as you will see in later pictures, underneath all the nasty carpet and linoleum were the original wood floors. They were not pretty, but a couple coats of black porch and floor oil paint made them glossy and full of character. For the countertops, we used polished porcelain tile with black grout.

After a very preliminary glance we though we would be able to use everything in this room. As it turns out, we ended up gutting most of it and replacing with new. Well, all of cupboards and cabinets in the whole kitchen were reclaimed from various local building salvage stores. Great way to go if you are trying to cut costs, and especially if you like white cabinets since anything paints. We were intentional about making sure the cabinets were solid wood, and not particle board or some other wood composite because that would have been a complete waste of time.

These lovelies are now on the left side of the sink in the photo above. I really wanted some open shelving that would provide some contrast to the nearly all-white look i was going for.

I love this collection of wall-rail from Ikea.

I know this is an odd before/after shot. The turquoise door replaced the one in the “before” shot with a cat door and plexi-glass window.

More pretty kitchen.

This is the dining room. The wood floors in this room were badly warped so we replaced the subfloor and put in a layer of nice plywood and painted it. The verdict? Definitely. Also, how much do you love the light fixture? I know.

Here’s another picture of the built-in hutch. It’s amazing what paint and new hardware will do.

Changing the configuration of the bathroom was a must-have for me. Totally worth it. Also, how much do you love the subway tile?

Also, I love love love beadboard, and using it in the bathrooms really took them up a notch.

This one is the family room. The downstairs is a classic foursquare floor plan, with a square house separated into four nearly equal rooms. I think the bathroom, sink room, and laundryroom were later additions after the advent of running water. Even though all four rooms are separate and not open-concept, the result combined with the high ceilings in three of the rooms, was a functional flow that allowed interaction between rooms while still maintaining the function of having separate rooms for separate functions.

Here’s a picture of the painted wood floors.

Turns out, I completely neglected to take a picture of the living room. Here at least you get to see the changed out door.

I’m a pretty big fan these stairs. The wood underneath was original and with a little scraping and painting, this was the result. The entire bannister had to be replace though since it was just high enough to hit your knees. Knowing Violet and Henry, they would have made my heart stop every time they went up and down. Well, the handrail is original and the posts were lengthened to fit the new reclaimed spindles.

Looking down the stairs. All of the drywall in the house is new as well.

Looking up the stairs.

One of the three bedrooms upstairs. As you can see, we never got around to painting the trim. At least the wood is pretty though. When we paint it, it will be white.

Upstairs, a closet had been changed into a half bath once running water came inside. It was by far the nastiest room in the house, but once we replaced everything including the toilet, and gave it a fresh coat of velvety gray paint, it was adorable.

New toilet, beadboard, paint. For the floors I used a nice grade of those individual stick-on linoleum-ish tiles. They’re a little tougher than linoleum and resemble ceramic tile.

Alright. that’s it. I’m done. I have children to feed.


One thought on “Epic Before/After of an Entire House

  1. Yay! I’ve been dying to see these before / after shots. You did an amazing job. I love your taste. Come decorate my house! I love the new fence, the burlap curtain in the laundry area and the cream/black colors!

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