This post goes out to HGTV

Alright, for those of you that want an “after” picture–I was talking to Martha the other day on the way to my HGTV shoot and we decided that I should probably clean my kitchen and put on those darn drawer pulls before we make the official “after” post. I mean, in my experience, Martha Stewart is occasionally right about that sort of thing, so I decided to go with it.

I do have a tiny sort of deadline in my head. Apparently (according to county records) on November 2nd 2012, my house will be one century, one decade, one year, one month, and one day old. I would love to have it mostly finished for pictures by then. For those of you mathematically challenged people–and since most of my readers did not grow up in China, I’ll assume that this applies to about 78% of you–my house was built in 1901 and i believe it was finished on October 1st.

In the meantime, I would love to see before-and-after pictures of YOUR houses. I don’t care if the before is messy and the after is clean, or vice-versa, but feel free to send them to me so i can feature them on my blog and talk about your interior decorating choices and whether or not myself and the rest of the internet think kindly of them. I kid, we will only say nice things. But seriously, send me some pictures.


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