Daddles and Neckties

I know what you’re thinking; “Neckties, i’ve heard of, but what is this Daddle of which you speak?”

Before I explain, let me clarify what I am about to explain. I realize that sounds a lot like a double positive. In my experience, parents are the world’s most difficult people to shop for.           As a relatively new member of this club, I’ve been taking notes to do my best to keep that stereotype alive. Here’s how it works:

“Hey Dad, what do you want for your birthday?”

“Whaaaat? My birthday? All I want is my wonderful family!”

“Yeah, no but like what STUFF can I get that you want?”

Or this:

“Mom, what do you want for Christmas?”

“You know, I don’t need anything! I already have YOU! Just let me see the size on the tag of your shirt real quick…”

Of course, everyone knows this is the worst answer a parent can give to that question:

“Oh, I don’t need a PRESENT, but since you’re asking; the only thing I want is for you to [insert one of the following: clean your room more/be nice to your brother/get better grades/be more obedient/ etc. ]”

Really, all you want for Christmas is my room to be clean? Alright, well then in a last-minute, desperation-born shopping frenzy, I will now have to spend twice as much as I originally intended on something that is at best, a memento.

Enter: The Daddle. You may now proceed to to complete your purchase.

So I realize this post was a pretty pathetic homage to all the great dads in my life. I just sat here for a full three minutes after reading this blog wondering how to make a segue between making fun of parents in general and sending out some serious Hallmark moment props to dads.

To my dad: Thanks for modeling for me the qualities of a Godly man. Your devotion to God and to your family have shaped the lives of your children for generations.

To my husband’s dad: Thank you for raising up an unflinchingly Godly man for me to marry, and choosing to father him like God fathered you.

To my husband: You’re amazing. Lucky for you, Father’s Day only comes once a year, because I would wear myself out every day trying to get you breakfast in bed of cinnamon rolls and chicken fried steak, all while maintaining a perfect home, happy children, and a swimmers physique. Unfortunately, we both know none of that happened today except the part with the cinnamon rolls. All the super cheesy movie proposals involve a line where someone says that they will spend the rest of their lives trying to make the other person feel as happy as they do right now. As much of an eye-roller as that line is, I have to admit it’s how you make me feel. I’ve discovered marriage to be race of gratitude, where we strive to be swift to “overpay” a debt of love.

I have throughly enjoyed watching your imperfections highlighted and gradually worn smooth by our wonderful, sweet children, as you discover and model daily the Father heart of God for His children. You challenge my perception of how much I can love you when I see you getting the wind knocked out of you courtesy of the two small punks jumping on your back, or when your “good cop” routine goes south and I watch you in an epic standoff between a boy, his dinner, and you, and especially in those moments where you laugh/cough into your sleeve in the middle of correcting your daughter. “Violet, *choking cough* did you just huck a baby chick in the air to see if it could fly? *cough cough cough*”.

I love you Baby, Happy Father’s Day.


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