a day in lines

7 am wake-up alarm

a shower

to scour

and then sleepy baby charms.

Breakfast is eggs

with sausage and greens

and the kids both chow down

like eating machines.

Running and dressing

upstairs and down

musn’t be late

and live up to our renown.

Church and then back

to get packed in the car

drive fifty-two miles

they’ve behaved themselves–so far

Parking is free

but the walking is cold

the Aquarium beckons

with magic untold.

Big fish, touch tanks,

the Octopus eats!

Then hungry stomachs lead us

to Red Robin’s treats.

Can’t go home yet

with bellies full of starbucks

now on the search

for a clean bathroom deluxe.

We waste over a hour

in a nicknack store

it’s a good thing our kids are cute

or they’d kick us out the door.

Finally we leave

and reflect in the car,

“Yes, they’re fighting over a balloon, crying for lack of a nap, and indisposed to negotiating the confines of a car-seat now, but their behavior today was totally above par!”