an homage to “Earth, Wind & Fire”

Not really. I’m not sure it’s possible to write an homage to a band that has lyrics like “…Computers on the rise, our feelings are synthesized, makes it hard to feel the touch of your love that’s real.”


How about an homage to wind, sun, earth, rain, silence?

The wind; a mighty herald
bringing a thunderclap of flurried emotions through the gold-leafed trees.
The sun; waxes eloquent
in his journey across the sky, hidden by clouds to write summertime prose.
The earth; succombing to the stealthy spread of frost,
trembles with the pulse-racing stammers of new love
The rain rushing; downward bound.
Dashing, splashing the first steps of the snowflake dance.
The silence, broken by footsteps crunching frozen grass
and the crackle of fall leaves chasing each other in a merry game of tag.
I let out an audible sigh.
Dear Winter, I know you’re coming. I’m a little bit sad about it but I’m also undone by my childish anticipation of the promise of snow.