A word about Boobs

In case you live under a rock, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Someone said that one in eight women get breast cancer. I don’t know who that someone is, but there’s pretty good chance they’re right. It also means that statistically speaking, one of my readers will most likely get the boob bug or already have it.
Ignoring things doesn’t make them go away. It only makes them worse. Like a dirty kitchen. You can pretend only so long that your counters are spotless and free of dirty dishes before you have to face the music and deal with it. Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate against age, busyness, or risk factors. It will most likely affect someone in your circle of life sometime in your life. If that person turns out to be you, I hope you congratulate yourself for finding it soon through early detection.
Since I don’t plan on blogging every day, here’s my October blog assignment for you:
1. Feel yourself up and go to the doc if you think you should. Don’t guess, know.
2. Either way, life is short. My hallmark card tendency is to say something like “live to the fullest” here, but really…that’s pretty much right.

I drew this. Turns out–i have some skills in MS Paint.


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