I Had a Cow, Her Name Was Sue

True Story: I did have a cow and her name really was Sue. Sue Cow for short. We bought her from a couple of redneck boys that used to ride her like a horse. She didn’t care for them much. Yesterday we were at the local fair and I saw a cow that reminded me of her.

She looks sweet and doe-like here, but don’t let that fool you. My children have tried that look on me and I’ve learned that lesson. For the rest of the time we were looking at her, she was bellowing furiously. Rarely, do cows actually say “Moo.” Same goes for pigs. Yes, they do say, “Oink”, but Violet and Henry’s introduction to them was greeted by a shed full of sows saying something like “MMMRRRWWEEEEEEEEERRROOOIIIIII!!!!” That’s a direct quote, by the way.

Henry gave those loud animals a look of stern consternation for most of the day.


Luckily, Violet helped thaw Scrooge’s heart of ice by way of bunnies.

Henry LOVED the bunny

I should buy him a bunny…

Better yet, one of you should buy a bunny so we can come a visit.

Please Grandma? Don’t judge, emotional blackmail is underrated. My children have proven that to me.

Speaking of cute. At this fair, the parking attendants were Mounties.

This made Violet very happy.

Summer is: a little girl in sunglasses.

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