In No Particular Order

sleep in till 6:30

wake up to small girl at my bedside

convince her to crawl in bed and play with my hair while i sleep till 7

head downstairs for yogurt

Henry wakes up crying

A knock on the door

my sister visits

my children make a mess

i get mad

they play outside

my sister leaves

AJ gets home

snack time for V and H


send Henry to bed


work out


snack time again

everyone out the door

Violet falls asleep

into Target for milk and a return


head home to drop off AJ and groceries

keep box of corndogs

over to Emery’s house

kids playing

babies eyeing eachother

mom’s talking

corndogs eaten

a walk with a wagon and a stroller

playing at the park

perfect weather

walk back to E’s house

“Why’s my Daddy here”

tearful second goodbye to Daddy

He leaves to play on a boat with E’s Daddy

crying “I’m not tiiiiiiirrrrrreeeeeeddddd”

drive home

peanut butter and jelly

milk with a straw

two stories

change clothes


downstairs to blog

sitting here now

should be cleaning





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